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Substance Abuse

Substance Related Disorders

When family members are affected by or influencing the behavior of the abuser = ? * Codependence
The two types of codependence = ? * Enabling = usu due to social pressure or family creates an environment that assists in the abuse.... * Denial = Drug use and abuse is not perceived as a problem by user or family , and family makes excuses until arrested, then all are against it
Types of Dependence = ? * Physical = Chronic use produces tolerance and can see tolerance..... * Psychological = Need for a particular substance or activity due to the enjoyable mental affects
Weird SE of a patient to make you look at a possible drug user = ? * Hyperthermia
Receptors that promote the analgesic, sedative & euphoric effects = ? * Mu receptors (agonists bind and cause these effects)
Some indications of drug abuse ? * bite marks from seizures, needle tracts, position of the body, septal issues
Drug Testing = ? * Urine is preferred – but drugs are usu gone fast (THC is the exception).... * Screening performed by immunoassay Confirmation by GC or LC/MS/MS (gas chromo. Or liquid chromo.) ... * THC is stored in fat, and when dieting, can release it again
Caffeine basics = ? * CNS stimulant that usu in pesticides... * produces Positive and negative effects .... * Overdose is RARE and is about 10g a day
Caffeine + effects = ? * higher attention, lower CV risks, lower diabetes risk, and up regulated metabolic state
Nicotine basics = ? * commonly found in cigs.... * Parasympathomimetic – stimulant & relaxant..... * Get Physical dependence
Alcohol basics = ? * CNS depressant that can cause pulmonary edema..... * Synergy with other drugs .... * Withdrawal = Delerium Tremens --> see Spiders (BUZZWORD)
Opiates & Opioids basics = ? * Opioid = synthetic... Opiate = from poppy plant.... * CNS depressants and activate Mu receptors to cause a Euphoric effect
Metabolism of Codeine and Heroin = ? * Both are converted to Morphine
Opioid SE = ? * can get N/V sickness, but it is a SE, not an allergy... * constipation
Amphetamine basics = ? * is a CNS stimulant used to stay awake .... * can be prescribed meds or meth/crank/mollies/crack
Cocaine basics = ? * Ingredient in Coca Cola until 1902.... * still used as an Anesthetic & vasoconstrictor for epistaxis
Cocaine SEs = ? * Cerebrovascular = Vasoconstriction --> non-hemorrhagic infarcts..... * Cardiac = Contraction Bands --> MI's..... * See VC where it is inhaled/injected and get necrosis all over
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) = ? * “superman” effect..... * Vivid visual hallucinations and common in teens who think its neat to take it at school..... * can have trips waaayyy later in life wit hit too
Ketamine basics = ? * Dissociative anesthesia = total body anesthesia and totally awake.... * are very hyperactive/reactive to sound/lights... * Ex. Dog bites owner after surgery bc dogs sees stuff
Phencyclidine (PCP) basics = ? * Agitation, delusions & terrifying hallucinations upon withdrawal.... * Is the homicidal drug..... * Psychological dependence
Drug that also screens positive for PCP, even though it isn't PCP = ? * Ketamine
Benzos = ? * psychological and physical dependence .... * can not withdraw cold turkey, bc of possible death/seizures.. * also used as date rape drugs
Barbiturates basics = ? * worked well without addiction potential since no euphoria ..... * Overdose is only 10x a normal dose, where Benzos are 200x normal.... * see a physical addiction... * Overdos = coma and death
Type of Barb still used ? * Chloral Hydrate – sedative/hypnotic, still used--> Toxic to GI when mixed with Alcohol...causes severe N/V
One barb that is Ok, bc it does its job without the euphoric effect ? * Phenobarbital
Mary J.-- THC basics = ? * used as an Appetite stimulant (with chemo).... * no withdrawal Sx or actual physical addiction... * SLOWS stuff down.... * NO evidence that days weed use leads to using other hard drugs
Testing for THC = ? * Urine is preferred sample ..... * ALERT – NSAIDS can cause a false positive result with some tests ..... * Confirmation tests – 5-10 days for results (GC or LC/MS/MS)
Ecstasy – MDMA basics = ? * get Fatal hyperthermia and water consumption; seizures (b/c electrolytes washed out)
Created by: thamrick800