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Chapter 3 Vocabulary

Vasco de Gama A Portuguese explorer who began exploring the East African coast in 1497
Prince Henry The son of Portugals King, supports exploration
Treaty of Tordesillas A treaty Spain & Portugal signed in 1494 which agreed to honor the line
Dutch East India Co. A company that had power to mint money, make treaties, and even raise their own armies
Zheng He A Chinese Muslim Admiral who led 7 voyages. His expeditions were remarkable for their size.
Manchus People of that religion in 1644 invaded China and the Ming Dynasty collapsed Manchus seized Beijing and became Chinas new emperor
Qing Dynasty They would rule for more than 260 years and expand Chinas borders to include Taiwan, Chinese Central Asia, Mongolia, and tibet.
Tokugawg Shogunate hold power until 1867 Shogunate is the administration or rule of a shogun. A rule brought to bring order to Japan
Daimyo warrior chieftains "great name"
Haiku a 5-7 syllable, 3 line verse poetry which presents images then ideas
caravel a small, light ship with triangular sails
Kabuki a theater. Its a place that townspeople attend to watch actors in costumes, using music, dance, and mime, performed skits to perform about modern days
Created by: rubyromero