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World Final Q3 Rev


What did Erasmus call for in his work The Praise of Folly? A return to a simpler faith
How did Martin Luther communicate his concerns about the Catholic Church? 95 theses
What did Luther’s 95 Theses attack? The church’s selling of indulgences
What was true of Lutheranism? Salvation through faith alone
Why did Desiderius Erasmus stress that inward religious feeling was more important than external forms of religion? It showed people how to lead good lives
What did John Calvin believe? Predestination
According to Martin Luther, how could salvation be achieved? Faith alone
How did the Catholic Reformation revitalize the Catholic Church? Eliminating corruption
Why were Anabaptists viewed as dangerous radicals? They believed the state should not intervene in church affairs
What issue did Lutherans and Calvinists NOT agree on? Predestination
What is predestination? The belief that God has already determined who will be saved and who will not
What was an indulgence? A pardon from the church for a sin that can be purchased
What was the Edict of Worms? Charles V decreed that Martin Luther was an outlaw and that his works should be burned
What was the Council of Trent? Called by Pope Paul III the council reaffirmed traditional Catholic teachings in opposition to Protestant beliefs
What was the idea of Christian humanism? Humans can use reason and the Bible to improve themselves
Created by: PLHSWorld