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Chapter 2

Assessment Questions

janissairies trained to be loyal to the sultan only
shah king
Shah Abbas Took the throne in 1587. He helped create a Safavid culture and golden age.
Akbar great
sikh nonviolent religious group whose doctrines contained elements similar to Hinduism and Sufism
Taj Mahal the most beautiful buildings in the world
Why were the Ottomans such successful conquerors? His successors expanded a small Muslim state in Anatolia by buying land, forming alliances with some emirs and conquering others. The Ottomans military success was largely based on the use of gunpowder. They replaced archers on horseback with musket carrying foot soldiers.
How did Mehmed the conqueror show his tolerance of other cultures? He opened Constantinople to new citizens of many religions and backgrounds.
Why was Selims capture of Mecca, Medina, and Cairo so significant? He defeated the Safavids of Persia, then swept south through Syria and Palestine and into North Africa. Selim's empire took responsibility for Mecca & Medina. The once great civilization of Egypt had became another province in the growing Ottoman Empire
Akbar defend religious freedom during his reign? He permitted people of other religions to practice their faiths. He proved his tolerance by marrying Hindu princess without forcing them to convert. He allowed wives to practice their religious rituals in the palace.
How did Akbars Successors promote religious conflict in the empire He gave land grants to his bureaucrats. When the bureaucrats die, Akbar would reclaim the lands and distributed them as he saw fit
Suleyman the Lawgiver He ruled in 1520 - 1566. By 1526, Ottoman Empire is the largest in the world. He creates law code.
Devshirme drafted boys from conquered lands
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