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World Final Q3 Rev


What were the social, political, and economic causes of French Revolution Poor leadership of the Government (in debt), economic depression, enlightenment ideas
Who was Maximillien Robespierre? Leader of the Committee of Public Safety
Who were the Bourgeoisie? Professional middle class of the 3rd Estate (bankers,merchants, lawyers and doctors)
Explain the First, Second and Third Estates First- Clergy Second- Nobility Third- estate
What people were put on trial during the Reign of Terror? Traitors
What happened during the Tennis Court Oath? Delegates of the 3rd Estate swear an oath to "never separate" and created a National assembly
What concept was used to promote Napoleon within his bureaucracy? Merit and ability
What did Napoleon spend most of the French Revolution doing? Fighting in the French military
What could France’s new government NOT do after the Reign of Terror? End fighting and solve France’s problems
. What caused social unrest in France? The King and Queen’s lavish lifestyle and uncontrollable spending on parties and luxuries
Why did European monarchs threaten to use force on France after King Louis XVI was deposed? They were afraid of revolutionary fervor reaching their own countries
Why did many Catholics not support the French Revolution? The National Assembly brought the church under state control
How did Enlightenment ideas influence the French Revolution? Enlightenment ideas of men are equal went against the divine right of kings-wanted a new form of government
Who were the sans-culottes? Radical working people named for their short pants
What prison was attacked at the outset of the French Revolution? The Bastille
What is a Constitutional Monarchy? A government where a monarch rules but is limited by a constitution
Created by: PLHSWorld