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Unit 5

What is absolutism? monarchy controls everything
What economic theory leaves "every man for himself"? Capitalism
Root word of imperialism? Empire
When did western hemisphere free itself from European control? Early 1800s
What is ethnocentrism Belief that your culture, race, religion, and government is best
What is pride in one's country instead of a specific leader? Nationalism
What group of people applied the theory of natural selection to sociology? Social Darwinists
What is "white man's burden"? Europeans have the moral obligation to teach others how to be civilized
Why was China called the Middle Kingdom They believed they were at the center of the world
What are new technologies that were developed in the Industrial Revolution? Telegraph, telephone, radio, national postal system, steamship, railroad, trains
What is a big farm that only produces one crop? A plantation
What was the Monroe Doctrine President Monroe said that Europeans could NOT intervene with countries in the Western Hemisphere
What made Egypt a significant commercial and political power? Suez Canal
England gets opium from India and sells it to? China
The opium lets what flow out of China? Silver