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Unit 5 Terms & Q's

Absolutism? Monarchy controls everything
Economic theory that leaves "every man for himself" Capitalism
Root word of imperialism Empire
When did the Western hemisphere free itself from European control? Early 1800s
Ethnocentrism Belief that your culture, race, religion, and government is the best
What is pride in one's country instead of a specific leader? Nationalism
Group of people applied the theory of natural selection to sociology Social Darwinists
What is "White man's burden"? Europeans have the moral obligation to teach others how to be civilized
Why was China called the Middle Kingdom? They thought they were the center of the world
New technologies developed in the Industrial Revolution? Telegraph, Telephone, Radio, National Postal System, Steamship, Railroad, Trains
Big farm that only produces one crop? Plantation System
What was Monroe Doctrine? President Monroe said that Europeans could NOT intervene with countries in Western Hemisphere
What made Egypt significant commercial and political power? Suez Canal
England gets opium from India, and sells to? China
Opium lets what flow out of China? Silver
Extraterritoriality Crime committed in another country by a visitor. Foreign country can not punish visitor; home country punishes person
What changed due to Industrial Rev.? People moved to cities
What improved farming? Second ag. rev. 18th Cent. (Modern fertilizer and steam equipment)
Who is father of Capitalism? Adam Smith
What was Adam Smith's philosophy Government should NOT interfere with economy
Wealth of Nations Adam Smith's book about Capitalism
Electricity overtakes steam and coal as: Power Source
Marx's name for the working class? Proletariat
What class was born because of Industrial Rev.? Working class
Marx's name for middle class? Borgeoisse
What began to be determined more by wealth than family position in unit 5? Social status
Marxism is same as Communism
Lightbulb created what? Work shifts, now people could work into the night
Karl Marx wrote what? Communist Manifesto
Charles Dickens wrote of what? Social ills of industrialization
What did the Ludites do? Destroyed factory equipment and protested working conditions and wages
First Industrial war? United States Civil War
Monoculture? One crop is grown
What happened in "Banana Republic?" U.S. took over islands and forced them to grow bananas. They grew bananas and shipped them to America for cheap prices
Why didn't Russia have a "real" culture? Mongol rule
What is the Meiji Restoration? It turns on the power switch for Industrialization in Japan
Who brought huge boats to Japan and forced them to trade? Commodore Perry
Who are the zaibatsu? Super rich families that start business in Japan. There were four big rich families that formed companies
What doubled in Britian in 1700s? Population almost doubled 5 million to 9 million
Created by: dana.hatfield