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Contacts Test 3

Indication/Contraindications and Slit Lamp

What is needed before fitting contact lenses? A thorough patient history; an eye exam and a vision exam; patient lifestyle; past and present abnormalities; infections, injury, eye surgeries, or eye disease
All information should be _______ and ______. recorded and dated
What are some respiratory disorders that could effect contact wear? Rhinitis; sinusitis; hay fever; asthma; allergies
What problems do respiratory disorders cause that effect contact wear? enlarged blood vessels; photophobia; itching; lacrimation; burning; ocular sensitivity; debris in the tears
Patients with respiratory disorders would be best fit with _________? single use
What problems will patients with diabetes have with contact wear? have a higher risk of infection, due to decreased healing process; need more follow-ups; need to be warned about over-wearing, cleaning properly, throwing out when supposed to
Patients with diabetes are good candidates for single use depending on the ________? prescription
What type of endocrine (hormonal) changes effect contact wear and why? Pregnancy, menopause, and the use of birth control pills; causes dry eyes and deposits on lenses
How does thyroid disease effect contact wear? protrusion and drying of the eyes can cause the lens to dislodge easier
What are two other things protrusion is known as? exophthalmos and proptosis
What problems does rheumatoid arthritis cause for wearing contacts? dry eyes and may have problem handling lenses
What is Keratitis Sicca or Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca? severely dry eyes which causes the cornea to break; causes higher risk of infection
What type of skin diseases can effect contact wear if they are found around the eyes? Seborrhea; psoriasis; neurodermatitis; blepharitis; rosacea; eczema
What type of patient should never be fit with contacts and why? Monocular patients; don't want to risk blindness due to infection
What are monocular patients best fit with? Polycarbonate or Trivex
What type of medications effect contact wear? Acutane; Dyazide and Lasix; Lanoxin; Donnatal; Valium; Antihistamines; Decongestants
What complications can medications cause that effect contact wear? dry eyes; photophobia; fluctuation in vision; decreased corneal sensitivity; decreased blink rate; mydriases; also can effect lids and conjunctiva
What advantages do contacts provide for aphakes or high hyperopes? less distortion and less magnification
What is the magnification for glasses compared to contact lenses? Glasses 25-30%; Contacts 7%
What advantages do contacts allow for anisometropia (unequal refractive power)? Less distortion using contact lenses and reduces image size difference compared to glasses.
What advantages do contacts allow for high myopes? gives them closer to normal vision; glasses make everything look smaller
What advantages do contacts allow for patients with irregular corneal astigmatism? cannot be corrected with glasses; must be fitted with GP
How does a GP lens correct irregular corneal astigmatism? The lacrimal lens (tears behind the lens) corrects the astigmatism
How do contacts help with keratoconus? Kerataconus patients have irregular astigmatism, steep corneas, and unusual refractive errors which are best corrected with GP lenses
Patients with corneal disease are best fit with....? therapeutic or bandage lenses; not candidates for regular contacts
How can contacts help patients with aniridea or ocular albinism? special iris lenses or opaque lenses; blocks out some of the light which allows better VA and reduces photophobia
How do contacts help patients with nystagmus? colored contact will help with VA and reduce the movement
What type of occupations and hobbies work well with contacts? patients that are in and out in different temperatures; patients that are out in the weather; use a microscope all day; all active sports
Why do myopes that are beginning to have presbyopia not work well with contacts? have trouble reading up close with contacts
What is a psuedomona? A bacteria found in water that can cause you to lose your eye in 24 hours.
What is an acanthamoeba? A parasite that lives in water, that can cause severe pain
What type of contacts should pilots never be fitted with? monovision
Because of the instruments used by pilots and police officers they should never be prescribed what type of sunglasses? Polarized or blue blockers
What is another name for the slit lamp? Biomicroscope
What magnification should we start with during a slit lamp exam? 6X or 10X
What type of illumination should we start with during a slit lamp exam? low illumination
How much of angle should be between the light and the microscope? 45-50 degree
What should the height of the light be to begin with? 12 mm
What should the width of the light beam be to begin with? 2-3 mm
Where should the light beam be to begin with while you are making adjustments? On the outer canthus
What does all the focusing on the slit lamp? joystick
Created by: griffiskr