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Chapters 13/14

David Livingstone explored, and brought gospel to Africa
Smuggling illegal importation of opium into China
Opium Plant grown in China
Slave Trade Kidnapping and selling of humans for $
Kow Tow gesture of humility and respect
Tribute $ and goods demanded from foreign Ambassadors
1880 When is slavery abolished throughout the world
Malaria Mosquito
Partitioning split Africa in to 4 different colonies
Robert Morrison translated the bible and wrote several books on the chinese language and grammer
Ming Dynasty reestablished native chinese rule
Taiping Rebellion 1850–64, led by Hung Hsiu-ch'üan (Hong Xiuquan), who attempted to overthrow the Manchu dynasty.
Suez Canal a canal in NE Egypt, cutting across the Isthmus of Suez and connecting the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. 107 miles (172 km) long.
Leopold 11 1835–1909, king of Belgium 1865–1909
Manchu Dynasty a member of a Tungusic people of Manchuria who conquered China in the 17th century and pertaining to the Manchu, their country, or their language.
Liberia country created specifically for freed slaves
Woolens and Machinery carding machines
Boxer Rebellion Members of " society of righteous and harmonious fist"
Imperialism imperial government; rule by an emperor or empress.
Central Kingdom chinese thought of themselves to be the center of the world
Abolition the outlawing/ end of slavery/ the slave trade
Treaty of Nanking peace treaty
Medical care and education European contributions to Africa
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