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Unit 4 review

Dates of unit 1450-1750
Who was responsible for globilization Europe
What new currency was introduced to Asia that then took over their economy Silver
What religion becomes dominant during this era? Christianity
What three empires greatly expanded? Russia, China, and Ottoman
What is another name for this era? The Late Agrarian Era
Why could this unit be called the Late Agrarian Era? Chinga and Africa were still agricultural societies with small signs of chaging
Was the Ming dynasty for or against foreign ideas? Against
What was the religion that ran their govt.? Confucinism
How many volumes was the first encyclopedia? 11,000
True or False: The civil service exam did not come back until after the ming dynasty? False: During
Who was involved in the 100 years war? France and England
What was the purpose of the 100 years war? England was trying to spread onto Europe's mainland.
True or false: China was involved in the 100 years war. False
What societies were mimmiced during the Renaissance? Greece and Rome
When was the population boom during this unit? 1450
Lots of trading resulted in lots of money for whom? Italian Merchants
What were the key 4 ideas of the Renaissance? Philosophy Secularism Humanism Rationalism
What was the great dying? The killing of 90% of the new world population by old world diseases.
What were the two outter empires? Muggal &
What were the two inner empires? Sphizie and ottaman
Which empire was the shia? Sophizie
Which empire was the Sunni" Ottaman
What is the difference between the Shia and the Sunni? Shia is more strict whenever it comes to "heaven"
Created by: RCHSDrumMajor