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Asia Physical Geo

physical geography of Asia

Where is the Kara Kum? North of the Elburz mountains in Southwest Asia
What is a plateau? an area of highland consisting of flat plain
What is an archipelago? a group of islands
What are tectonic plates? large slabs of rock under the land and when the make contact with each other landforms are created
What are steppes? grasslands, Kirghiz steppe is located in Northern Kazakhstan
What is an peninsula? an area of land that is surrounded by water on three sides
What is an alluvial? largely flat landform created by the deposition of sediment over a long period of time
Where is the Himalayan Mountains? on the border between India and China
Where is the Indo Gangetic Plain? below the Himalayans in India
Where is the Plateau of Tibet? north of the Himalayans in China
Where are the North China Plains? in North China bordering the East China Sea
Where are the Caucasus Mountains? bordering the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea above the Anatolian penninsula
Where is the Honshu? main island of Japan
Where is the Gobi Desert? north of the NCP
Where is the Hindu Kush? Northwest of the Himalayans, connected to the Himalayans
Where is the Rub Al Khali and what is significant about it? near Yemen and Omen, is the largest all sand desert
Where is the Arabian peninsula? in Southwest asia
Where is the Mediterranean Sea? next to the arabian penninsula
Where is the Syrian Desert? north Saudi Arabia
Describe Southwest Asia. large cities, coast lines, deserts, sand, cities on the coast, beach, herding
Describe Central Asia. mountainous, herding livestock, valleys, cities, tents, rural, lake, nomadic people
Describe South Asia. pollutioned water which causes sickness, rivers, farmable land, flat, highly populated, big cities, small villages
Describe East Asia. flat land, cities, farming, trees, livestock, harvesting, Great Wall of China, pagodas, highly populated, partly urban, partly rural
Describe Southeast Asia. small cities, forests, deforestation, mountains and valleys, rivers in valleys, farming, pollution
How does the Huang He (Yellow River) effect the people in Asia? carries silt, very fertile to NCP, floods a lot, "China Sorrows", "Yellow River"
How does the Ganges river effect the people of Asia? heavily populated, big cities, fishing, fertile soil, trading, Holy River to Hindus
How does the Tigris river effect the people of Asia? first civilization was found here after Africa, hydroelectricity, water to crops, irrigation
How does the Euphrates river effect the people of Asia? first civilization was found here after Africa, hydroelectricity, water to crops, irragaiton
How does the Indus river effect the people of Asia? highly populated, shallow
How does the Amu Darya effect the people of Asia? fishing, irrigation, cotton farming, ends in Aral sea
How does the Syr Darya effect the people of Asia? fishing, irrigation, cotton farming, ends in Aral sea
How does the Mekong river effect the people of Asia? natural resources, fishing, trade, market places
What are some physical geography problems that affect Asia? mountains, water, desert
Think of some products that would sell good in certain regions.
Created by: momo36
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