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Chapter 5 vocabulary


Philip II Inherited Spain the Spanish Netherlands,and the American colonies.
Absolute Monarch Kings or queens who held all of the power within their states' bounderies
Divine Right the idea that God created the monarchy and that the monarch acted as God's representative on Earth
Edict of Nantes this declaration of religions toleration was called Edict of Nantes
Cardinal Richelieu Become,in effect,the ruler of France
Skepticism the idea that nothing can ever be known for certain
Louis XIV The effects of Henry IV and Richelieu to strengthen then French monarchy payed the way fr the most powerful ruler in French hisory
Intendants who collected taxes and administered justice
Jean Baptiste Colbert no one assisted him more achieving these goals than his minister of finance
War of the Spanish Succession the long struggle that followed is known as the War of the Spanish Succession
Thirty Years' War a conflict over religion and territory and for power among Europe ruling families
Maria Theresa she faces years of war
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