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7 - SS

Development os South and East Asia

Which modern day countries were part of the French Indochina? Cambodia,Laos, and Vietnam
Great Leap Foward Mao's attepmt to make China more competative with western industry and agriculture production. This endded out to be a massive failure.
Ho Chi Minh leader of Vietnam's independence movement and of the communists in Vietnam
What happened in China after WWII? Civil war between nationlists and communists. Communists won the war.
Cultural Revolution Mao's attepmt to revitalize communism in China by using the Red Gaurds to eliminate anyone that opposed communism. There was much chaos at this time.
Mao Zedong leader who brought communism to China
How is the Vietnam and the Korean Wars similar? C. north invades D. south; domino theory ; COld War ; US desire to contain communism, led to war
How is the Vietnam and the Korean Wars different? Vietanm was reunited led by Ho Chi Minh ; Korea is spilt at the 38th parallel(DMZ)with north communist and south democratic
Created by: sandrakurian