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Geriatric Stroke

Geriatric Strokes

% of individuals that do not gain independence after a stroke ? * 30-50%
Most likely group of people to have strokes = ? * African Americans are TWICE as likely
Top stroke cause = ? * Ischemic Origin due to a blood clot blocking an artery in the brain
If a 22 yr old that was at party comes in having a stroke, what should you look for ? * Look for drug use, esp. Cocaine
Not Modifiable Risk Factors for Stroke ? * Age, sex, race, genetics
Modifiable = ? * obese, high bp/cholest., smoking, stress, heart disease, alcohol, no physical activity
Among the most debilitating aspects of stroke sequelae ? * The loss of be able to WALK
Consequences of stroke in the elderly = ? * high incidence of falls by 4 fold, and of those who fall, 10 fold increase in hip fractures
Those that are at higher frequency to get a fracture = ? * Stroke patients with intermediate functional impairment are more likely to fracture than those with severe or minimal impairment
Two things that are related to each other in elderly stroke patients ? * Due to falling, depressive symptoms are related in stroke patients
Depression and Strokes ? * Post Stroke Depression in about 1/3 of stroke victims..... * and due to the depression, they have lower recovery trajectories
Created by: thamrick800