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ML 12

ML 12 - Male Genital and Reproductive Medicine - prefixes, combining forms, and

-al pertaining to
a- away from, without
adolesc/o the beginning of being an adult
-ad toward, in the direction of
-ancy state of
andr/o male
anti- against
-ar pertaining to
-ary pertaining to
aspir/o to breathe in; to suck in
-ation a process; being or having
balan/o glans penis
bi/o life; living organisms; living tissue
bulb/o like a bulb
cancer/o cancer
-cele hernia
chem/o chemical, drug
circum- around
cis/o to cut
clinic/o medicine
coit/o sexual intercourse
crypt/o hidden
-cyte cell
defici/o lacking, inadequate
-didymis testes (twin structures)
didym/o testes (twin structures)
digit/o digit (finger or toe)
dys- painful, difficult, abnormal
-ectomy surgical excision
ejaculat/o to expel suddenly
-ence state of
-ency condition of being
epi- upon, above
erect/o to stand up
-esis condition
extern/o outside
fer/o to bear
fertil/o able to conceive a child
-gen that which produces
genit/o genitalia
gen/o arising from; produced by
gon/o seed (ovum or spermatozoon)
-gram a record or picture
-graphy process of recording
gynec/o female, woman
hyper- above, more than normal
-ia condition, state, thing
-ic pertaining to
-ile pertaining to
-ility having the quality of
immun/o immune response
in- in, within, not
incis/o to cut into
inguin/o groin
intern/o inside
interstiti/o space within a tissue
-ion action; condition
-ism process; disease from a specific cause
-ist one who specializes in
-itis inflammation of
-ity state; condition
-ive pertaining to
laborat/o workplace; testing place
-logy the study of
malign/o intentionally causing harm; cancer
mast/o breast; mastoid bone
mit/o threadlike structure
morph/o shape
mot/o movement
olig/o scanty
-oma tumor, mass
-opsy the process of viewing
orchi/o testis
orch/o testis
-ory having the function of
-osis condition, abnormal condition, process
-ous pertaining to
pareun/o sexual intercourse
pen/o penis
perine/o perineum
-pexy process of surgically fixing in place
post- after, behind
pre- before, in front of
product/o produce
prostat/o prostate gland
puber/o growing up
re- again and again; backward; unable to
rect/o rectum
resect/o to cut out and remove
-rrhea flow, discharge
scient/o knowledge; science
-scope instrument used to examine
scrot/o a bag; scrotum
semin/i spermatozoon, sperm
semin/o spermatozoon, sperm
-stomy surgically created opening
testicul/o testis, testicle
-therapy treatment
-tic pertaining to
trans- across, through
-trophy process of development
tub/o tube
-ty quality or state
-ule small thing
ultra- beyond, higher
urethr/o urethra
urin/o urine; urinary system
ur/o urine; urinary system
varic/o varix, varicose vein
vas/o blood vessel; vas deferens
venere/o sexual intercourse
vir/o virus
-zoon animal; living thing
son/o sound
spermat/o spermatozoon, sperm
sperm/o spermatozoon, sperm
Created by: ClaudetteH