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Vocab List 6

Vocab List 6 for Heglund/Prillaman

Distance Decay The effects of distance on interaction, generally the greater the distance the less interaction.
Race Constructed identity and is a perfect example of how identities are built.
Ethnicity Affiliation or identity within a group of people bond by common ancestry and culture.
Gendered In terms of a place, whether the place is designed for or claimed by men or women.
Queer Theory Theory that highlights the contextual nature of opposition to the heteronormative and focuses on the political engagement of “queers” with the heteronormative.
Dowry Death In the context of arranged marriages in India, disputes over the price to be aid by the family of the bride to the father of the groom (the dowry) have, in some extreme cases, led to the death of the bride.
Standard Language The variant of a language that a country’s political and intellectual elite seek to promote as the norm for use in schools, government, the media, and other aspects of public life.
Isogloss A geographic boundary within which a particular linguistic feature occurs.
Renfrew Hypothesis Hypothesis developed by British scholar Colin Renfrew wherein he proposed that three areas in and near the first agricultural hearth, the Fertile Crescent, gave rise to three language families: Europe’s Indo-European languages; North African and Arabian l
Toponym Place Name.
Lingua Franca A term deriving from “Frankish language” and appluing to a tongue spoken in ancient Mediterranean ports that consisted of a mixture of Italian, Fresh, Greek, Spanish, and even some Arabic. Today it refers to a “common language,” a language used among spea
Pidgin Language When parts of two or more languages are combined in a simplified structure and vocabulary.
Creole Language A language that began as a pidgin language but was later adopted as the mother tongue by a people in place of the mother tongue.
Conquest Theory One major theory of how Proto-Indo-European diffused into Europe which holds that the early speakers of Proto-Indo-European spread westward on horseback, overpowering earlier inhabitants and beginning the diffusion and differentiation of Indo-European ton
Nostratic Language believed to be the ancestral language not only of Proto-Indo-European, but also of the Kartvelian languages of the southern Caucasus region, the Uralic-Altaic languages (including Hungarian, Finnish, Turkish, and Mongolian), the Dravadian languag
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