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Russia Chap. 32

Pogrom organized act of violence against Jews
Prague Spring short-lived period during the spring of 1968 when reformers in Soviet- dominated Czechoslovakia tried to blend democracy with socialism to create greater freedom
Czar Russian term for emperor
Permafrost layer of soil below the surface that remains permanently frozen
Mir a village commune who was run by men of families
Ivan the Terrible created a secret police force and conducted a reign of terror against powerful, independent nobles to crush them; introduced reforms and a new law code
Peter the Great set up schools to teach scientific theories; introduced reforms to make his government more efficient and to increase his authority over the Church
Catherine the Great encouraged Russians to adopt French culture and learning including the ideas of the enlightenment
Prince Vladimir wanted a new religion for his people so he sent delegates to learn about Islam and Judaism and Roman forms of Christianity
Serfs peasants who worked the land but had almost no rights; controlled by nobles
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