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# ADV.D2 Ch.7 Cardio

# ADV.D02 Ch.7 Cardiovascular / Lymphatic / 3/8/14

Heart muscular pump that circulates blood
atria upper chambers of the heart
ventricles lower chambers of the heart
artery carries blood to the body. Thick muscle walls.
veins carries blood to the heart. Think muscle walls. Nedds one-way valve to direct blood.
vena cava major veins that enter the heart
aorta major artery that leaves the heart
pulm/o lung
capillary smallest blood vessel high in oxygen.
arteriosclerosis hardening of the arteries
thromb/o blood clot
thrombocyte platelet
antecubital in front of the elbow. Area has the median cubital vein
erythr/o red
leuk/o white
hematopoietic blood cell production
cellular components of blood RBC, WBC, Platelets
CBC Blood test that measures RBC, WBC, and platelets.
serum liquid portion of clotted blood
plasma liquid portion of whole blood
Anemia Reduced RBC numbers or low Hgb. A reduced ability to carry oxygen.
-penia shortage of
leukocytopenia shortage of WBC
erythropoietin Hormone that stimulates blood cell production.
Blood type Presence of a special protein on the red cell. A or B or none.
ESR Erythrocyte sedimentation rate. Use a black top tube.
Hgb A protein that contains iron. / A test for anemia
hematocrit test that measure the percentage of RBC in blood.
differential count a test that counts the different types of white blood cells
lymphatic system consists of vessels, nodes and white cells. Protects the body from pathogens.
Proximal close to
Distal far from
lateral to the side
median middle
Which blood tube is used for the CBC lavendar top
Which blood tube is used for the ESR black top
Which blood tube is used for platelet activity (coagulation) light blue top
Serology department needs specimen drawn in a red top tube
Oxygen is carried by the RBC (red blood cell)
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