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Russia and Europe


Who was Joseph Stalin? He was the communist dictator of the soviet union. he was a totalitarian, and a Brutal leader.
Who was prince Vladimir? He adopted Byzantine Christianity and converted a lot of russians.
Who was Rasputin? He was a manipulative man who had many women in his lifetime. The queen
Who was Ivan the terrible? He was the Grandson of Ivan the Great who strengthened the autocracy. he had done plenty of brutal actions which earned him his name.
Who was Catherine the Great? She took power after peter the great. She expanded territory to many
What is Intelligentsia? Educated nobles
What is Permafrost? A thick layer of soil which remains frozen most of the year.
Who was Peter the Great? He was a energetic young Czar who modernized the Army and Navy as well as set up education and modern industry.
Who was Czar Nicholas II ? The Russians called them their"little father" who always heard their plea.
who was Vladimir Lenin? Lenin was a communist who led a revolution, and and became a dictator. He set up a Bolshevik dictatorship and closed down opposition news papers, and set up a secret police.
Created by: Grueninger