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active ingredient the component of a pharmaceutical preparation or medication that exerts pharmacological activity designed to treat or prevent disease
additive a pharmaceutical substance, such as a medication, electrolyte, or other ingredient, that is added to another product, such as a compounded sterile preparation, in order to be easily administered to a patient
alligation method the mathematical calculation used to determine the amounts of two or more dilutions of differing strengths that will be mixed to prepare a product of a desired strength and quantity
compounded sterile preparation (CSP) the mixing of one or more sterile parenteral products using aseptic technique
compounded stock preparation a solution that is prepared in a large amount and kept in stock in the pharmacy to be divided for individual prescriptions
compounding the process of using raw ingredients and/or other prepared ingredients to create a drug product for a patient
current formula a standard pharmaceutical recipe that is commonly used in pharmacy compounding; a recipe often used to prepare compounded stock preparations
desired formula a specialized pharmaceutical recipe that may be ordered by the prescriber and that results from altering various components of the current formula
formula a written document listing the ingredients and instructions needed to prepare a compound
inactive ingredient an inert ingredient that is used as a base, or vehicle, to deliver the active ingredient in a compounded preparation; for example, petrolatum is used as a base in many topical preparations
percentage strength a mathematical formula or expression used to identify the number of grams of active ingredient per 100 mL of solution (or per 100 g of solid); may be referred to as percent strength
special dilution a custom-made CSP that provides accurate dosage of a medication prepared according to a desired recipe or formula; a term often associated with certain neonatal or pediatric CSPs
total parenteral nutrition (TPN) IV administration of total nutrient requirements to patients who require a long-term alternative to enteral feeding
TPN base solution components of the TPN solution that provide the primary volumetric source of hydration and calories, often comprised of a combination of dextrose, amino acids, fat emulsion, and sterile water
weight-in-weight (w/w) formula the number of grams of a drug (solid) in 100 g of the final product (solid)
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