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Wld History Ch. 17

Prentis Hall World Connections to Today

Why did Queen Elizabeth make Francis Drake a knight? He successfully looted Spanish cities in the Americas.
The St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre was a battle between Huguenots and Catholics.
Who wrote the first modern novel in Europe entitled Don Quixote? Miguel de Cervantes
What two major powers emerged after the Thirty Years' War? What two major powers emerged after the Thirty Years' War?
Why did Peter and Catherine want to acquire territory on the Black Sea? They wanted to give Russia a warm-water port that would be open to trade all year long.
The rise to power of William and Mary was known as the Glorious Revolution because the new rulers took control without bloodshed.
King Louis XIV persecuted the Huguenots, forcing them to flee France, causing a blow to the French economy.
Peter the Great forced Russians to accept social reforms that would make their culture more like that of the Western Europeans.
Why did Charles I summon Parliament in 1628? He wanted to raise taxes.
How did Austria, Prussia, France, England, and Russia maintain a balance of power in Europe? They formed alliances and fought wars.
When the Stuarts came to power in England, their most serious mistake was to claim absolute power.
Who ruled two empires at the same time? Charles V
Why did Henry IV convert to Catholicism? He thought he would have more success ruling France.
Who was the first ruling monarch to be tried and executed by his own people? Charles I
The King James version of the Bible was the result of a dispute with the Puritans.
The years between 1550 and 1650 are known as the golden age of Spain because art and literature flourished during this period.
Which ruler(s) expelled the last Muslim rulers and enforced religious unity in Spain? Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand
The Puritan society encourage ___________ to get an education. everyone
What was the result of the reign of Louis XIV? France became the most powerful nation in Europe.
T/F King Philip II persecuted anyone who was not Catholic? true
How did Philip II ensure absolute power? He used American silver. He said he had divine right to rule from God. He made every part of government answer to him.
Why is the period from 1550 to 1650 considered Spain's golden age? During this time, Spain achieved much in the arts, literature, and science.
Why did Spanish power and prosperity decline? Costly wars drained the Spanish economy. Treasure from the Americas caused Spain to neglected farming and commerce and let to inflation.
What were the effects of the French wars of religion? The wars divided the country. Both sides committed horrible atrocities against each other.
How did Henry IV rebuild French unity? Henry IV converted to Catholicism but issued the Edict of Nantes. This granted Huguenots religious toleration.
How did Tudor monarchs handle Parliament? The Tudors fostered good relations with Parliament in order to raise money and gain political support.
Why did the early Stuarts clash with Parliament? They behaved as absolute monarchs - dismissed Parliament, jailed people without a trial, collected excessive taxes, and had religious conflicts.
What were some results of the Glorious Revolution? The Bill of Rights protected the traditional rights of English citizens. The Parliament was superior to that power of the monarchy.
What impact did the Thirty Years' War have on the German states? Germany was left divided into more that 360 states (with their own government, coinage, church, and army).
What two major powers emerged in Europe at the end of the Thirty Years' War? Austria and Prussia.
How were the goals of Austria and Prussia similar? Both countries wished to create a strong, unified state as well as expand their lands.
Why did European nations seek a balance of power? They did not want any one state to dominate Europe.
Name three goals of Peter the Great. 1. modernize Russia 2. centralize royal power, 3. build military power.
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