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2.3 Treatments

Treatments for bones

Ablation surgical removal of a part of a bone
Alignment act of putting bones back in their natural position
Amputation removal of a part of the body
Disarticulation process in which the joint is take apart and the limb is cut off at the joint.
Fixation use of metal devices to hold a fracture bone in a set piosition.
Grafting placement fo bone fragments from another bone in a person's body or a donor.
Manipulation moving of a part of the body such as a fractured bone or dislocated joint.
Osteoclasis surgical fracture or breaking to bring about a change in alignment.
Osteotomy surgical procedure in which bone is cut.
Prosthetic devices specially designed equipment put in the place of a missing part of the body, as in artificial leg.
Reduction non-surgical manipulation done to refracture bones to their normal alignment.
Spinal fusion joining together of two or more vertebrae.
Created by: FMHSAHS102