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STROKE IMAGING = ? * 1st thing to do = NONCONTRAST CT (see what the cause is or bd/no bd) .... * 2nd thing is to do a Diffusion Weighted MRI
Areas more prone to having an infarct ? * Watershed zones where the cerebral arteries end.... * Rare to see a cerebral artery injury n someone under 40
ISCHEMIC STROKE causes ? * due to any occlusive arterial disease
MRI vs CT on imaging ? * CT = bone is white ..... * MRI depends on type T1 vs T2, but Fat is white on T1, T2 = fat is black and bone is white
>50%MCA territory involved = ? * A HIGH mortality rate
Vasogenic Edema = ? * increased extracellular fluid and affects with white matter
Cytotoxic Edema = ? * increased intracellular water and affects both white and gray matter
How to see if it is a new stroke vs. a new stroke ? * Easiest = see older films... * Older = no midline shift, atrophy, and large ventricle
What are Lacunar Infarcts ? * Usu due to some HTN issue and see little black areas from end arteries
Hemorrhagic Stroke causes ? * Usu see inolder ppl and usu due to a HTN issue
SUBARACNOID HEMORRHAGE cause and what it presents like ? * Top cause is due to a ruptured aneurysm... * Complains of WORST headache of their life.
SUBDURAL HEMATOMA = ? * Crescent shape and should concern you if a child presents with this
EPIDURAL HEMATOMA = ? * looks like a biconvex appearance
EPIDURAL HEMATOMA Cx ? * Can have a Lucid Interval, where they get knocked out, seem fine after, and then get way worse.... * usu from a skull fracture
Used to measure Midline Shifts ? * Septum Pellucidum
Created by: thamrick800