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Middle East

jihad holt war (muslims)
caliph seculaer and religious head of muslims state,, succesor to the propet muhammad
hajj pilgrimage to mecca that all muslims who were able to expect to make once in their lifetime
kaaba sacred shteine in mecca dedicated to God by the islamic prophet muhammad non muslum community in the ottoman empire that owed loyalty
millet system to the ottoman suitan but was ruled by its own religion
theocracy nation ruled by religious leaders
zionism movement among european jews to set up jewish homeland in palesime
anti-semtism hatred or fear of jewish
kismet destiny fate
PLO (palestine liberation organization) organization established by palestinian leaders ,it was set up a palestinian state
shariah sacred law of islam that is based on the koran
intifada mass uprising by palestinian state
koran islamic sacred book
taliban a fundimentalist muslim movement whose melitia took control of most of afganistan
hejira the fight of muhammad from mecca to medina
muhammad arab prophet and founder of islam
five pillars of islam duties expeted to be done everyday (pray, take hajj, pray five times a day, fast, stay tocreed
ramadan the ninth month of the muslim year during whitch strict fating is observed from sunrise to sunset
saladin a great muslim military leader recaptured jerusalem, he dealt with christians and jews
young turks a member of one or more of the insergent groups in turket
kemal ataturk terkish statesman who abolished the callphate and funded turkey as a modern secular state
suez canal a shipping cannal that connects the mediteranian sea at port sald with the red sea
aswam dam a city on the nile river of southern egypt, protected egypt, it provided farmland, nile river wouldnt flood
OPEC organization of the petrole exploring countries
yassir arfrat polestinian statesman who was chair man of the palestine liberation organization killed by a jew
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