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Global Studies

Ancient Civilizations

civilization a complex and highly organized society that includes a government, social classes, job specialization, a food surplus, writing, and religious beliefs.
river valleys low areas of land next to rivers
silt fertile soil; deposited on land near rivers
irrigated watered their crops
Ancient River Valley Civilizations (c. 3000 – 1000 B.C.) Four major River Valley Civilizations were Egypt, Mesopotamia, Harappan and China
Ancient Egypt Nile River; hieroglyphics and pyramids
hieroglyphics Writing using picture symbols
pyramids Massive structures used to bury Egyptian Pharaohs (kings).
Mesopotamia between Tigris River and Euphrates River; Sumer; Fertile Crescent; cuneiform; Code of Hammurabi
cuneiform Writing system using wedge-shaped symbols.
Code of Hammurabi Oldest written set of laws in the world that is known for its strict (harsh) punishments of crimes (i.e.- “an eye for an eye”).
Harappan Civilization (Indus River Valley) The urban (city) areas of Harappan civilization were organized and well- planned; deal with monsoons (flooding rains)
Ancient China Yellow (Huang He) River and Yangtze River; isolated by natural boundaries (i.e.- mountains and deserts).
polytheistic People believed in many gods associated with nature (i.e.- Sun God, Rain God, Wind God, etc)
Barter Trade without using money
Subsistence agriculture Farming in which the crops are used only to feed the farmer and his family. Food is not usually sold for a profit
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