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Religion unit 10


Gift, Redemption, All, Christ, Everyone What is GRACE?
Gift Grace is a gift us. God does not owe it to us
Redemption Jesus won grace for us through his redeeming life, death, and resurrection
All All good things come from Christ
Christ Christ is the source of all grace
Everyone Everyone should try to grow in grace
Natural, preternatural, supernatural Distinction of Gifts
Natural gift These are the powers that belong to the nature of things (cat has four legs)
Preternatural gift These are gifts that bestow a power that is not Devine, but beyond the natural powers of one who receives it. ( cat playing piano)
Supernatural gift These are gifts given that elevate a creature to the perfection of God (cat know all-omniscient)
Without Jesus We would not be able to receive and grow in grace without.....
Supernatural gift Grace is________gift that was above human nature and was freely given by God to Adam and Eve
Sanctifying Grace The life of God in our souls by which we may go to heaven- draws us closer union with God
The kingdom of God God's greatest gift
State of Grace We must have the life of grace in our souls. We receive first in baptism
In Baptism When do we first receive grace
Mortal sin How you lose grace
Mortal sin means A serious sin that we knowingly and freely choose to do
Through sacrament of penance How to restore grace
Prayer, sacraments, good works How to grow in Grace
Jesus What is the source of all Grace
Through his church and sacraments How does Jesus dispense grace
What was Jesus mission Redeem mankind, how to live in grace, teach us
What was Jesus mission By being a holy priest, a victim, ( part of the sacrifice)
How did Jesus fulfill his mission He became both god and man, Preach God's teaching to give grace, As man to suffer and die
What is our mission To get to heaven
Redeem To free us from slavery to sin and the devil
By sacraments and by living the life of grace How do we receive redemption
Exorcism, miracles, forgiveness of sin How does Jesus show his power
Exorcism Casting out of a demon or evil spirit
Miracles An act that is beyond human power and is done by the hand of God
Forgiveness of sin An act by God that willful acts that offend God
Literal, spiritual Two senses of scriptures
Literal The historical meaning regarding the very words and acts contained in scripture
Spiritual Deeper meaning in the text- Allegorical, moral, analogically
Allegorical How the events refer to Christ
Moral How events the events and teachings can teach us to act well, written for our instruction
Analogically How the events and teaching refer to the Last Things and their eternal significance
Exorcism, Authority, Forgiveness of sin Three types of miracles
He won life of Grace for us, By his life (suffering), death, and resurrection How did Jesus fulfilled his mission
Baptism, grow in faith with prayer, sacraments,, good works, made possible by Jesus life, death and resurrection Life of grace
Sacraments Outward signs instituted bt Christ that affects grace. To help us live the life of grace
Safeguard and administer sacraments Why did Jesus found the church
- baptism( born into God's family) Sacrament parallels life- birth
Confirmation - outpouring the Holy Spirit to live the life of grace Sacrament parallels life- maturity
Eucharist- union with Christ, source of all grace, strengthen us to live the life of grace Sacrament parallels life- nourishment
Penance- restores us to live of grace Sacrament parallels life- forgiveness
Holy order( give god's life to his family)/ matrimony( to enlarge Gods family) Sacrament parallels life- family
Anointing the sick-to strengthen for eternal union with God Sacrament parallels life- sickness/death
Created by: Flynnfamily



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