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Social Studies

________ and _________ best descibes the climate of Vietnam warm and tropical
The love of one's country is called? Nationalism
Who colonized Vietnam in the 1800's France
The nationalist leader of Vietnam? Ho Chi Minh
What is the former name of Vietnam? Indochina
What political party did Ho Chi Minh belong? Communist Party
The Vietminh's main goal was to establish________ for Vietnam Independence
Temporary control of Southern Vietnam fell in to the hands of whom United States
The result of temporarily dividing Vietnam until elections came as a decision from the 1954 Geneva Conference
Loyalty to history, culture/religion Nationalism
What year did the United States leave Vietnam 1973
What two communist countries supported North Vietnam in their fight for independence Soviet Union and China
The Paris Peace Accords allowed for what restored peace between North and South Vietnam
The Mekong River flows through China and Vietnam before reaching the South China Sea. True.
Created by: maxsdad