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Chapter 19

World History

ancien regime or old order everyone in France belonged to one of three classes.
Jacques Necker the fiance mister for Louis XVI
cahiers or notebooks.
Tennis Court Oath that men in the Third Class could all vote intstead of having only one.
National Assembly was a group that want justice from the king and met to make a constution.
Bastille in medieval fortress used as a prison for politcal and other prisoners.
bourgoisies or middle class
deficit spending that is a governemnt spending more money than it has.
Great Fear tales of attacks on villages and towns spread panic.
tricolor a flag with three bands or block of differnt colors.
Legislative Assenbly was the legislature of france during the french revolution.
Declaration of Pilnitz was a statement issues in 1791 at the Pilnitz Castle by the Hamburg Holy Roman Emperor.
Jacobins someone who supports a centralized Republic.
faction or small groups competed to gain power.
emigres nobles clergy and others who had led France and its revolutionary forces.
republic or a government ruled not by a monarch but by elected representatives.
Committe of Public Safety to deal with the threats to France the Convention created the Committe of Public Saftey. The 12th member committe had almost absolute power as it battled to save the revolution.
Maximillien Robespierre was a shrewd lawyer and politician qucikly rose to the leadership of the Committee of Public safety.
Directory five man directory and a two house legislature elected by mal citizen of property.
Olympe de Gouges a journalist demanded equal rights in her DEclaration of the rights of women.
La Marseillaise would later become french national athem.
Jacques Louis David he immortalized on canvas such stirring events as the Tennis Court Oath and later Napoleon conronation.
suffrage the right to vote was to be extended to all male citizens not just to property owners.
nationalism a strong feeling of pride in and devotion to one country spread throughout france.
secular or nonreligious calendar with 1793 as the Year I of the new era of freedom.
Consulate Napoleon consolidated his power by strengthening the central government.
Concordat of 1801 was an agreement between Napoleon and Pope Puis allowing Napoleon to pick the bishop but give the pope all the power over them.
Napoleonic Code lasting reforms was a new law code it embodied Enlightenment principles such as the equality of all citizens befroe the law,religious, toleration and advancement based on merit.
Confederation of the Rhine was an abolished the tottering Holy Roman Empire and created a 38-member under the french protection.
Battle of Trafalgar fought off the south west coast of spain british admiral horatio nelson smashed a french fleet.
Continental System failed to bring Britian to it knee.
plebiscite or ballot in which voters say yes or no.
annexed or added outright some areas to france.
blockade involves shutting of ports to keep people or supplies from moving in and out of enemy ports.
Joseph Bonaparte was the elder broth of Napoleon.
Duck of Wellington was a British general who defeated Napoleon.
Marie Louise was the second wife of french king Napoleon 1
Waterloo June 18 1815 the opposing armies met near the town of Waterloo in Belgium. Where the french and Napoleon get defended.
Scorched earth policy is a military strategy which involves destorying anything usefull to the enemy.
Clemens von Metternich foregin minister used a variety of means to achieve his goals In 1809 when Napoleon seemed vulnerable
Quadruple Alliance the four nations pledged to act together to maintain the balance of power and to suppress revolutionary uprisings.
guerrilla warfare or hit and run raods against the French.
abdicated or stepped down from power.
legitimacy restoring hereditary monarchies that the french Revolution or Napoleon had unseated.
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