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CRCT Group 3

Social studies terms that focus on Independence movements of LA

Transatlantic refers to anything that crosses the Atlantic Ocean
Spanish language the language of Mexico, Cuba, and Colombia
Portuguese language the language of Brazil
Touissant L'Ouverture great hero of Haitian independence, born a slave yet defeated the French army
Simon Bolivar liberator of many parts of South America, not concerned with slavery but of pushing the Spaniards out of South America
Miguel Hidalgo priest and revolutionary who led a peasants’ revolt in Mexico in 1810
Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro led the army to revolt against a corrupt dictator Fulgencio Bastista in 1958
Zapatistas revolutionaries from the Mexican state of Chiapas who want self-rule for southern Mexico.
guerrilla soldiers who are not part of a regular army but fight on behalf of a cause or for a person, political party, or movement.
19th century all the years including and between 1801 &1900
Created by: tamarahamlin