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South Asia (2014)

South Asia Test, (2014)

Himalaya Mountains mountains in South Asia that cut India off from the rest of Asia
Deccan Plateau large flat plateau in southern India between the western and eastern Ghats; arid
Indus River Place where early Indus Civilization started.
Ganges River Sacred goddess Ganga to Hindus; bathe in it to wash away sins. One of the most polluted Rivers in the world
alluvial plains lands that are rich farmlands due to deposits of alluvial soil from rivers overflowing
atoll low-lying islands that are the tops of submerged volcanoes
monsoons seasonal winds that blow moist ocean air from June through September; cause heavy rainfall
cyclone most extreme weather pattern of Asia. violent storm with fierce winds and heavy rains
Aryans group of people that came from Iran around 1500 B.C. and were light-skinned - Introduced Hinduism and the Caste System.
Gupta the _____ Empire came several centuries after the Mauryan Empire and ruled over northern India.
Mughal Muslims conquered the Indus Valley and then the Ganges plain
Rajj period of direct British control over India
Green Revolution in the 1960's
caste system Hindu system of social classes.
Brahmans caste of priests and scholars; highest caste
Untouchables group that has the lowest status in Indian society; outside of caste system altogether
Indus Valley civilization the largest of the world's first civilizations that began around 2500 B.C. in Pakistan and fell around 1500 B.C.
partition separating of Muslims and Hindus in India after its 1947 liberation into Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan (East Pakistan and West Pakistan). About 1 million died from conflict
microcredit a policy that makes small loans to groups of small businesses
India Which country is the world's largest democracy?
Muslim Main religion of Pakistan
Ramadan month-long period of fasting from sunrise to sunset in the Muslim faith
true (True/False) Pakistanis follow the custom of purdah
Bangladesh Which country was called East Pakistan before 1971?
Nepal Country located in the Himalayan Mountains.
Sri Lanka "Tear Drop" island off the coast of India.
Pakistan this country was created as a homeland for Muslims living in India; Urdu is the official language
sultans Muslim rulers.
Hinduism and Buddhism 2 religions that developed in India.
Dharma A person’s moral responsibility or duty – “the right thing to do.” If you perform this well
Nirvana Goal of Buddhism – reach total enlightenment.
Moksha Goal of Hinduism – released from the cycle of reincarnation and unite with Brahma.
Theocracy Government run by the religious structures.
Sidhartha Gautama Guy who started Buddhism.
Samsara Hindu concept of the process of reincarnation.
Atman Hindu word for soul.
Subcontinent India is one of these landforms b/c it is cut off from the rest of Asia by the Himalayas.
Mohandas Ghandi Indian leader who used non-violent methods to get the British out of India.
Pakistan Muslim country formed from the division with India. Many refugees from Afghanistan flee there.
Ganges River that is sacred to Hindus although it is now one of the most polluted rivers in the world.
Sherpas People from the Himalayas who are traditional mountain guides of the Everest region.
Archipelago Small chain of islands
Kashmir Territory desired by both Pakistan and India.
Karma The sum of all of the good and bad actions your soul has ever done.
Harrappa Very old archeological dig that gives most of ancient India its name.
Cyclones Violent storms with fierce heavy rains – most extreme weather pattern of south Asia.
Indus River Valley Where early Indian civilization began.
Ramadan Month long fasting for Muslims.
Taj Mahal Used as a Mosoleum (burial chamber) for a Muslim princess
Malala Yousafzai Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban for advocating girls right to an education.
Sharbat Gula “The Afghan Girl” – Afghanistan refugee to Pakistan who was a cultural icon for decades and she didn’t know it. Testifies to the harsh lifestyle of Afghanistan.
What does the word “Taliban” mean? religious students
Mujahideen Afghan freedom fighters against the Soviets. Early Taliban.
Soviet Union Country that invaded Afghanistan in 1979 to spread communism. To combat them we sent millions of dollars of aid to rebel groups in Afghanistan.
Jihad Muslim holy war. The Taliban declared this against western culture in general and the US in particular.
Cash Crop Agricultural product grown to sell
Opium Primary cash crop of Afghanistan for a long time.
Reincarnation both the Hindus and Buddhist believe in this. However because Buddhist don’t accept the caste system
Coup d’etat quick overthrow of the government. This happened in Afghanistan when the Taliban book over the city of Kabul.
Puppet Government a government set up and controlled by outside forces. The Soviet Union did this in Afghanistan.
Purdah Muslim practice of female seclusion. Usually what this means is preventing men from seeing women. Primarily practiced in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
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