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World History Ch. 16

Prentis Hall World Connections to Today

What was Spain's policy on trade? Colonists were only allowed to buy and sell goods with Spain.
Which of the following groups was at the top of the social structure in the Spanish colonies? peninsulares
What was the voyage to America like for enslaved Africans? Conditions were terrible and millions of enslaved Africans died.
What was considered the most important item of African trade? people
What was the significance of the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494? It claimed Brazil as property of Portugal.
During the 1500s and 1600s, the nobility in Europe lost land and influence because the middle class of merchants acquired wealth.
Which of the following statements about women in New Spain and education is true? Women who wanted an education had to enter a convent.
Why did Spain set up the Council of the Indies? to pass laws for the colonies to follow
How did Britain govern its colonies differently from the way France governed its colonies? Britain allowed its colonists some self-government.
In the 1400s, some West African societies began to trade directly with Europeans.
How did the arrival of the Spanish affect the Native American population? Diseases brought by the Europeans killed millions of Native Americans.
How did early settlers in Brazil first make a living? exporting brazilwood
Conquistadors were attracted to the Americas by the desire for riches and religious zeal.
Why did Spain pass the New Laws of the Indies in 1542? to end the harsh treatment of Native Americans
Why did Aztec emperor Montezuma send gifts to Hernán Cortés? he thought he might be the god-king
How did the economy of Europe change in the 1500s and 1600s? The building of empires caused inflation and encouraged capitalism and mercantilism.
Hernán Cortés formed alliances with many of the conquered people to fight the Aztecs.
Where was the first permanent French settlement of New France? Quebec
What territory was France forced to give up to Britain as part of the Treaty of Paris of 1763? Canada
Identify one reason the Spanish brought enslaved Africans to the Americas? to provide labor for Spanish sugar plantations
How were Native Americans of the Caribbean region affected by their early encounters with Europeans? The Spanish seized the Native Americans' gold and forced them to change to Christianity.
What methods did Pizarro use to conquer the Incan empire? He tried force and diplomacy. He tried trickery. He got some Indians to capture and kill Atahualpa and thousands of Incas.
How did divisions within the Aztec and Incan empires help with the Spanish? People that were conquered by the Incas and Aztecs helped the conquistadors.
How did Spain control its American empire? It regulated imports and exports and granted encomiendas. The Council of the Indies and viceroy and church leaders helped the government.
How did other European nations challenge Spanish power in the Americas? The established their own colonies and seized Spanish treasure ships.
Why did New France group slowly? The harsh Canadian climate did not attract very many French peasants.
What form of government did the 13 English colonies set up? Each colony had its own representative assembly elected by the men. These assemblies advised the governor that was appointed by the king.
How did Britain come to dominate North America? it won the French and Indian War.
What impact did European competition for colonies have on North Americans? it had a mostly negative effect on Native Americans who lost their land and caught white diseases.
How did Africans try to stop the slave trade? King Affonso wrote to the kind of Portugal asking him to end the slave trade. The alma my of Futa Toro passed a law forbidding anyone to transport slaves through his area.
What was the impact of the slave trade on life in Africa? the population of some regions decreased dramatically. Some societies were ruined. The African states that profited from the slave trade grew powerful.
How did the voyages of Columbus lead to global exchanges of goods and ideas? Columbus brought people, plants, and animals from the Americas to Europe. He brought European settlers and plants to America.
How did the Spanish conquistadors treat the Native Americans they encountered? Some Native Americans were forced to convert to Christianity; some were enslaved; some died of diseases acquired from Europeans.
What was the impact of the slave trade? a decline in African slaves, an increase in power of rulers. It increased trade. Prices increased, people started new businesses, brought in more gold and silver than went out.
What were some of the things exchanged during the Columbian Exchange that went from the Western Hemisphere to the Eastern Hemisphere? Corn, potatoes, tomatoes, pineapples, cocoa, peppers, peanuts, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, squash.
What were some of the things exchanged during the Columbian Exchange that went from the Eastern Hemisphere to the Western Hemisphere? Wheat, sugar, banana, rice, grapes, olive oil, dandelions, horses, pigs, cow, goats, chickens, smallpox, typhus.
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