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Module 1

Program Orientation Module Exam Part 2

Quest/Ans Mult ChoiceAnswer
1. Not a feature of the flash cards. flip the deck shuffle cards scramble words on cards reveal
2. The gradebook shows _____. scores of unit tests and module exams scores of exercises only scores of only module exams scores for every course page
3. This training program uses a _____ learning approach. tedious programmed unprogrammed difficult
4.Medical documents are important in court because they are considered _____ documents. typed time-consuming easily-accessible legal
5. The completion report _____. shows scores of unit tests and module exams shows scores of module exams only requires a page score to be at least 85% to be complete is the same as the gradebook
6. The progress tracker in the navigation tool indicates _____. how much time you have left how smart you are so far percentage of pages that remain progression through module based on the current page you are working on
7. In order to search the program for pronunciation files, use the _____. grades button student support button enter term to pronounce box enter term to search
8. If you click a plus sign navigation tool, it will _____. calculate the page in that module expand to show additional information or options add all test scores to date take you back a page
9. Concepts in this program are taught with all but which of the following? text graphics strict deadlines interactive exercises
Created by: beccawa