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Module 1

Program Orientation Navigation Quiz Part 1

Question True/FalseAnswer
1. Programmed learning is not a part of this program. False
2. When editing reports, you should focus on completeness, not accuracy. False
3. Of the five basic skills to become a medical transcription editor, the most important is the ability to type fast. False
4. Each module in this program is exactly the same length. False
5. You are required to achieve 85% or better on all exercises, unit tests, and module exams. True
6. One of the features of Career Step's online community is live and moderated chats. True
7. In order to save favorite websites, use the bookmark feature of your browser. True
8. The Internet is always a reliable and accurate resource for medical transcription editors. False
9. Some instructions can be omitted before beginning the exercises in this program. False
10. The website www.onelook.com allows you to search many dictionaries at once. True
Created by: beccawa