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Geo. 7 Chapter 11 #2

West Indies and Central America

Guatemala Has more people than any other Central American country
Guatemala An earthquake in 1976 made people receptive to the gospel 30% of there are now prodistent
Guatemala Produces coffeebeans, surgar cane, and cotton
Belize Settled by the British, not Spanish (no gold)
Belize Least population in Central America
Belize Speak English
Belize 50% catholic ; 27% prodistant
Belize Bananas, citrus fruit, sugar cane, fish
El Salvador most volcanos in Central America
El Salvador Least area, but most densely populated
El Salvador Major crop is coffee beans
Honduras Most people are peasants
Honduras Bananas is largest crop
Honduras US has sent troops to protect it from communist Nicargua
Nicaragua Major crops are sugar, bananas, coffee
Costa Rica Pleasant climate
Costa Rica Highest per-capita in Central America (b/c of private land ownership)
Costa Rica Oldest continuous democracy in Central America
Panama Most developed Central America nation
Panama Good economy b/c of income from the Panama Canal
Panama Panama Canal was built by the US and treaty was signed in 1979 giving control of the canal to panama
West Indies Between flordia and the northern coast of South America lie 1000 islands and 1000s of tiny islets (small uninhibited islands)
Bahamas A cloister of coral islands
Bahamas Lower elevation, no mountains, and no good soil
Bahamas British founded a colony there and brought African slaves
Bahamas Independent member of the British common wealth
Bahamas Fish & tourism
Bahamas More baptist than Anglicans and catholic
The greater Antilles Crest of underwater mountain chain
Cuba - Spanish Largest island and greatest population
Cuba Sugar cane, Tabacco, and famous cigars
Cuba Spanish lost Cuba to Americans in the Spanish- American war (1898). America soon gave up all of Cuba expect for a naval base
Cuba Fidel Castro established communist government in 1959- main ally was the Soviet Union 1991 soviet collapse hurt Cuba
Cuba Many Cubans try to escape to the US
Cuba Havana is the capital
Cuba Fidel Castro's brother, Raul, is now in power
Hispaniola Two countries occupy this island (Haiti, Dominican Republic)
Haiti Poorest country in the world
Haiti Much conflict between political groups
Haiti Poor land usage leads to little food
Haiti Voodoo religion of slaves ( spirt worship, black magic, and some elements of Catholicism rituals ) - rely of curses and blood shed to keep power- dedicated to saint
Haiti Violent dictators have heeded economic growth
Haiti Agriculture: coffee, sugar cane, rice, corn, mangos, textile industries
Dominican Republic Mountains
Dominican Republic Normal life expectancy
Dominican Republic High literacy (reading & writing)
Dominican Republic Much better economy than Haiti
Dominican Republic Crops: coffee, sugar cane, bananas, rice, cotton, cacao, potatoes
Dominican Republic Other industries: sugar processing, nickel and gold mining, textile, tourism
Dominican Republic Mostly catholic - Spanish speaking
Dominican Republic Blend music and customs of Africa and Spanish
Jamaica British captured from Spanish in 1655
Jamaica Port royal became a haven from pirates
Jamaica Slave descendants make up population
Jamaica English / African dialect
Jamaica Catholic & Protestant & African/ Christian
Jamaica Gained independence from Britton in 1962
Jamaica Sugar cane, spices(ginger, all spice), bauxite
Jamaica Tourism
US commonwealth of Puerto Rico US won control after the Spanish American war
US commonwealth of Puerto Rico Most people of Spanish descent
US commonwealth of Puerto Rico Sugar cane, coffee - manufacturing
US commonwealth of Puerto Rico US citizens- they have their own government and constitution, do not vote in presidential election , but help chose/ elect presidential candidates
US commonwealth of Puerto Rico May eventually become the 51st state
Lesser Antilles Smaller chain of islands curving southward from Puerto Rico to the South American coast
Leeward island Sheltered from prevailing winds- tourism, fishing, farming - settled by British, French, and Dutch, some independent
Leeward Islands Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Montserrat, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico ,St. Kitty, Antigua, Barbuda
Windward Island Martinique , St. Lucia ,St. Vincent ,Grenadine ,Trinidad, Tobago ,Barbados, Gisenedad
Created by: AG Wilson