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Geo. 7 Mexico ch 11

Mexico notes

Things Item fact
The Aztecs of Central America Capital was modern day Mexico City
The Aztecs of Central America Studied astronomy & made circular stone calendar
The Aztecs of Central America Language was written as pictographs
The Aztecs of Central America Experimented w/ herbs to learn of there medicinal uses
The Aztecs of Central America Polytheistic religion that envoled human sacrifices and sometimes cannibalism
The Mayas on the Yucatan peninsula Developed advanced written langue
The Mayas on the Yucatan peninsula Gifted mathematicians and astronomers
The Mayas on the Yucatan peninsula Developed precise solar calendar
The Mayas on the Yucatan peninsula Backward- sloped foreheads enhanced beauty- tied boards to babies heads
The Mayas on the Yucatan peninsula Liked the look of crossed eyes- hung objects close to babies heads
The Incas of the south They developed an influential empire armies ( freeze dried food)
The Incas of the south Built a network of roads
The Incas of the south Helped invaders find them
The invasion Spanish conquistadors invaded
The invasion Small tribes joined the Spanish Conquistadors to conquer larger tribe
The invasion Roman Catholic priest influenced religion
The invasion Mixed races of people 1. Natives ( Indians that were already in Mexico before the Spanish ) 2. Mestizos ( mixed Indian & European ) 3. Creoles ( European born in the new world )
Climate of Mexico Dessert in north - hot, dry, generally flat.
Climate of Mexico Westerly (wind) - occasionally blow in and dropped water, as they blew over the high Sierra Madre Delsur
Climate of Mexico Easterly trade - wind from the Cribian Sea blow over the southern end of the Mexican platue bringing water in fir the crops where mountain ranges come together - Mesa central
Climate of Mexico Tropical area but high altitude keeps temperatures mild ( rainy & dry season)
Industry Silver, lead, & zinc mining
Industry Leading country for producer of silver
Industry Sell of gas and oil to US, is Mexico's biggest foreign $ source
Industry Tourism: Cancun, Acapulco , Mexicali, Tijuana
Industry Most reliable crops: 1. Cotton 2. Wheat 3. Sesame seeds
Industry Manufacturing : chicle gum - sticky sap of the sapodilla tree which grows in the tropical forest of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize
Debate over NAFTA and CAFTA NAFTA - Mexican trade agreement w/ US and canada - North America free trade agreement - signed in 1993 - 2nd largest free trade in the world
NAFTA Canada and US are industrial taints Mexico has 1/20 of our economy
NAFTA Mexico has cheap labor, inexpensive products and fewer regulation on working conditions and pollution
NAFTA Mexican farmers feared compition from Americans cheap grains
Debate over NAFTA and CAFTA CAFTA - Central American free trade agreement - signed by America and the 6 Central American countries
Mexican Religion Roman Catholic
Mexican Religion Virgin of Guadalupe- patron of Mexico- 1. 6 million visit this a year 2. The Vatican is the 1st most visited
Mexican Religion Metro. Church
Mexican government 31 states
Mexican government Each has bicameral legislature
Mexican government Nation has bicameral legislature 1. Senate 2. Chamber of Deputies
Mountain range in east Mexico Sierra Madre oriental
Mountain Range in the east part of Mexico Sierra Madre Occidental
Major port city Veracruz
Created by: AG Wilson