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Social Studies Test

Native American/Age of Exploration Chapters 1 & 2

How did the First Americans come to America? Explain with the migration theory. The First Americans came by land and passed through the Bering Land Bridge.
Where and why did the First American come to America? They traveled south into Canada, the United States, and Mexico following herds of animals. It is UNKOWN why they came, but it was believed that they were looking for new kinds of food, land, and animals.
Who were the First Americans and when they came? They were the Paleo-Indians and they came to America sometime between 38,000 B.C. to 10,000 B.C.
Vocab: Bering Land Bridge A strip of land connecting Alaska with Russia that emerged from underwater around 38,000 B.C.
Vocab: Migration The movement of people from one region to another.
Vocab: Paleo-Indians The first Americans who crossed from Asia into North America sometime between 38,000 B.C. to 10,000 B.C.
Which tribe used the buffalo for main source of food? The Mandan of the Plains.
Which tribe relied heavily on whale? The Makah (Nootka) of the Pacific Northwest.
Which tribe was from Mexico and had a empire and a unique religion involving human sacrifice? The Aztec of Central America.
Which tribe was from the Southeast and built their houses and temples on top on man-mad mounds. The Creek of the Southeast.
Which tribe had to farm in dry conditions, but used the hot sun to bake their adobe bricks for housing? The Hopi of the Southwest.
Which tribe lived in Northeast, built longhouses, and created a Constitutions? The Iroquois of the Northeast.
Vocab: Iroquois Constitution It was written by 6 different tribes to insure their togetherness. Their constitution had laws that people had to follow or there would be consequences.
What was the population of Native Americans living in North America before 1492? 2-10 million
What are the 5 European countries that explored the Americas and an area they claimed in the New World? Spain, England, France, Portugal, and the Netherlands.
What are the 4 G's? Describe them. 1. Gold- Money jewels, etc.. 2. Glory- Money, success, power, fame 3. God- Seeking to convert Native Americans. 4. Grades- Cultures, trade routes
What are 3 characteristics of America that attracted settlement and exploration? They wanted the fertile lands, yield of 2 crop harvest a year, and vast river valleys.
What are 2 reasons why European countries wanted to try western exploration? They wanted gold, silk, spices, and jewels of Asia, wanted 4 G's.
What is the reason why African Kings participated in the slave trade? To get guns, horses, and other goods in return.
Vocab: Renaissance The period of revival in the 14 century.
Leif Erikson Worked for Norway(Vikings). The first person to make it to North America besides the Native Americans. He spread Christianity.
Christopher Columbus Worked for Spain. Discovered North America and South America.
Amerigo Vespucci Worked for Spain. He made maps of America, given credit by naming America after him.
Ferdinand Magellan Worked for Spain and Portugal. He found Philippines and discovered the world was round.
Hernan Cortes Worked for Spain. Conquered Mexico and claimed it for Spain.
Francisco Pizarro Worked for Spain. Conquered Inca and controlled most of South America.
Juan Ponce de Leon Worked for Spain. 1st European to reach U.S. mainland. The Founding Father for Puerto Rico.
Hernando de Soto Worked for Spain. One of the Spainish people to defeat the Inca.
Alvar Naraz de Vaca Worked for New Spain. First European to explore the southwest of North America and claimed the southwest area.
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Worked for New Spain. First explorer in western area to find the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
John Cabot Worked for England. First English explorer to bring England to America.
Giovanni de Verrazano Worked for France. Sailed the coast to North Carolina.
Jacques Cartier Worked for France. Explored eastern Canada giving it its name for France.
Henry Hudson Worked for England and Holland. Claimed Hudson River for the Netherlands. River and Bay named after him.
Rene Robert de La Salle Worked for France. Sailed down Mississippi River to Gulf of Mexico and named the land there Louisiana after his king.
What was Columbus's goal and date of his famous voyage? His goal was to sail to Asia. The date of his voyage is 1492.
Vocab: Northwest Passage Route to get to Asia.
Vocab: Conquistador One of the Spanish conquerors of Mexico and Peru in the 16th century.
What came from the Old World and New World? Old World: Squash, Peppers, Pumpkins, Turkey, Tobacco, Pineapple, Beans, Potatos, Tomatos, Corn, Slave Trade and Vanilla. New World: Diseases, Guns, Livestock, Grains, Coffee Beans, Sugar Cane, Grapes, Citrus Fruit, Peaches, and Bananas.
What is the Encomienda System? A grant by the Spanish Crown to a colonist in America conferring the right to demand tribute and forced labor from the Indian inhabitants of an area.
What was the impact of the disease that the Old World brought to the New? The Natives were decreasing as time went on. Their population of Hispaniola went from 500,000 to 100. Their population of Mexico went from 11 million to 2.5 million.
Who is Bartolome de La Casas? What were his thoughts about the Encomienda system? He is an Historian and a missionary. He thinks that the Native Americans were created by God and are simple people who are not wealthy. He thinks that the Encomienda system is a good thing for both Spaniards and Natives. LOOK AT NOTES!
Created by: rster147