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# ADV.D01 Inf.Ctrl

# ADV.D01 Infection Control / Safety

Droplet infections travel... 3ft or less
nosocomial acquired in the hospital
direct transmission is by direct contact
chlorhexidine gluconate is used when... patient is allergic to alcohol
radiation hazard signs must be outside any area that has radiation
What does OSHA do? enforces safety rules
The white square of the NFPA diamond is for acids and corrosives
Class B fires are: paints, oils, gasoline
Infection control is primarily involved with breaking the chain of infection
Protective (Reverse) isolation is for... patients that are immunocompromised (cancer, AIDS, etc.)
Asepsis free from contamination
Standard precautions applies to all patients. The precaution is to consider everyone is infected.
Severe allergic reaction anaphylaxis
permucosal through nose and mouth
susceptible host person who can catch the disease
health hazards on the NFPA system is in the blue square
The most common BBP through needlestick is HBV
The "right to know" law is responsible for MSDS data sheets
Universal precautions treating all specimens as though they have HIV
Most common way to prevent infection hand washing
Airborne precautions require: gown, gloves, N95 respirator
biohazard symbols must be on: biohazard bags, sharps, specimen transport bags
alcohol is effective because it inactivates skin bacteria
fomites are... objects like keyboards
aseptic technique means... procedure was completed without contamination
systemic an infection that spreads throughout the body
localized an infection that stays within a particular area
CDC Center for Disease Control. Studies disease spread including BBP.
BBP Bloodborne pathogen
Breaking the chain of infection patient isolation, good health habits, handwashing, immunizations, wear PPE
Communicable dsease A disease that can spread from person to person by direct or indirect means.
OPIM Other potentially infectious material
Saefy plan for healthcare workers should include eyewash stations, emergency showers, provide PPE, immunizations and OSHA mandated labeling of all chemicals
The "right to know" HazCom rule created Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Most common infection from needlesticks HBV (Hepatitis B Virus)
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