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Western Civ. 2


Abram: wife and nephew Sarai, Lot
Live in _______________1st move to ____________ b/c...Then to _____________ b/c...Then to ___________ b/c...Shows that Abram...Shows that Lord... Haran: Sheckem; God told him to: Egypt; famine in land: Bethlem; Adam, Saria, Pharoah story: Has great faith and worships God appropriatly: Is reching out; appears to Abram
Egypt is a "________________________" b/c... "gift of the nile"; floods leave silt when water recedes and leave fertile land; why Egypt develops
Problem when Abram and Sarai move to Egypt: Sarai is gorgeous; Egyptians will kill Abram and take Sarai after telling Abram that they want his wife
Abram tells Sarai to...Even though he has ___ __________ and he knows... lie; tell them she is his sister (is 1/2 sis);God's protection; knows right from wrong
Men think Sarai is ______ ________ (not used often in Scrip.); take her to ________; ppl treat _______________ well and take care of him... why very beautiful; Pharoah; Abram, b/c he gave them his sis (supposedly)
Lord stikes Pharoah with ________Pharoah realizes _________Pharoah tells Abram to ______ plague: Saria is Abrams wife: Leave
When Abram, Saria, Lot move back to Bethlem, PROBLEM... Abram has lots of ppl, goats, sheep (1000s of animals); so does Lot...TOO MANY!!!
What does Abram do about Animal/Land issue and what does God do? Abram gives Lot pick of land (Lot picks east); Abram honors decision and goes west; God tells Abram that all land is his regardless of Lot
Abram's descendents will be as numerous as... # of dust particles on earth
Gen 14; kings invade ______ ___ __________to... plains of Jordan; imprison 5 city-states and take everything that they want (ppl, resourses, animals)
Abram...kings; Bible says he has ___ ___ ____ born in his household... this means 1. and 2.; about how many ppl goes after; 318 trained servants; 1. trained- could handle weapon 2. men; 1000 ppl including women, kids, over 50, under 12
Abram __________ kings, and ___________ Lot defeats, rescues
Melchizadeck is king of... 1. city (means)= 2. melchizadeck means=... 3. priest of... 4. blesses... 5. Abram _______________ to him 6. no _____, _______, ________ that we know 7. could be __________ (means)...Proof 1. Salem, peace, King of peace 2. righteousness, King of righteousness 3. El Elyon- most high God 4. Abram 5. pays tithe 6. mother, father, geneology 7. cristofany, preincarnate appearence of Christ, brings out bread and wine & king of peace & king of rig
Example of Cristofany Shadrak, mishak, abednigo thrown into fire; Nebedkanezer (threw them in there ) sees 4 people in fire = Jesus
Gen 15: Abram _________ God b/c he has no ____; means who is heir and why; God tells Abram ________; Abram ____ and _________= what doubts; kids; Eliezer- 1st and oldest servant; he will have kids (God promised); believes and trusts; way to obtain righteousness of Christ
God validates promise to Abram that he will have kids w/ what? How? covenant; Abram is to get goat and cut it in 1/2; 2 ppl must walk b/w halves; God puts Abram to sleep and passes through
Cain: City- Son- builds a city, names it Enoch after his son
Gen 9:20-27: Noah plants a vinyard=grapes and wine=... 1.becomes drunk 2.stumbles around naked
Blessing on Shem Ham will be servant
Japheth=father of: Gentiles
Gen 9:20-27: Noah cannot maintain and keep _____=points to __________ who is only one who _________ law; Jesus; can keep law
Gen 12:5: _______ is given to Abram; 1.called 2.promises a) b) c) covenant; Abrahamic covenant; land, great nation, all families on earth blessed throught him=Jesus
Eve's eatingof fruit was an _________ decision independent
Everyone lived a long time: why? 1. 2. 1. could have been lunar calendar ex. methuzelah would be 80 when died but 5 when had kids 2. vapor canopy over earth had affects a)sun rays cause less damage b)gravity causes less deterioration c)tropical climate d) dif. atmosphere
Shem means name
barred meants forfeited
possible distribution of decks 1.animals and water 3.Noah and family
Ch. 12: Abram: 1.father 2.told to 3.both places worship 4.when Godcalls him, no evidence of _________ on ___________ 5.Noah finds 6.Abram 7._______ by God 8.according to 1.Terah 2.move 3.moon gods 4.believer, earth 5.God's grace-obeys 6.terrible 7.elected, chose 5.God's own good pleasure
other ppl believe _____-have __________ who are ________; we cannot establish...; Abraham isn't a... ex. legends, heros, great; events of OT make sense, don't fit; hero, can't even get wife pregnant
True/false; Noah obeyd God (Get _ of every ___ animal...why) True; 7, sacrifical, on ark for long time
palliate maeans make offense or crime seem less severe
Gen 6 says son of God and daughter of man will have kids who will be...; Possibilities of who sons of God and daughters of men are giants, heros, renown; 1.sons of God could be line of Seth, daughters of man could be line of canaan 2.sons of God could be angelic beings set to populate with women and produce giants 3.demonically influenced men who do what they want
Lamech 1st bigamest, descendent of Cain, aweful person but impressive:advanced culture
Geneology of Adam and Seth Gen 5, Godly line, Noah
Hebrews 11:7: there was a ___ in the ark. window
Whend did water begin to recede? How long was Noah on ark? What was it like when Noah got off? 150th day; about 1 yr; bodies everywhere, trees torn down, chaos
universe is... God will... out of whack/sync; create new heaven and earth
common grace: saving grace: God exhibits love for all ex.all enjoy creation; God's specific redemptive love for ppl for israel in OT
What is stunning: God's love or hate? Should be love; how can he even allow us to live
1st OT scholars... ex. 2nd Ot scholars... don't believe supernatural is possible; can't have baby, abraham has kid w/ other woman, child is heir of family, validated and documented in many places; find it documented so believe (change idea)-yes it happened and is possible, but not to specific ppl
man is barred the... tree of life
ex. babies lie-cry when don't need help all are born bad and every intent of man is bad
2 of every kind of animal will __________ to you to _________: shows how God... come; stay alive; exercises his soveriegnty over nature 1.controls water (flood) 2.contols animals (come to Noah)
adam s/t referred to as arch criminal
Gen 6:11-water: long 2.affect on ppl 3.survivers 4.where did it come from 40days/nights; all flesh that lived on earth died; noah and those on ark; 1.fountains of great deep: opens up earth 2. windows of heaven open
Cain: 1.meaning 2.occupation: 3.offering: 4.acceptance 5.reaction 6.punishment 1.gotten-possible eve thought he was seed 2.farmer 3.fruit 4. not accepted but if cain obeys, he will accept, and if disobeys, sin waits at door;cain can repent but doesnt 5.kills able 6.gound won's yield crops, wanderer=curse; but godd protects by sendin
Noah: meaning; finds god's _________; chosen to...; b/c... comfort,rest; soveriegn grace; walk w/ God, be saved, start new human race; God always has a remnant so church will survive
God tells noah to...; diimensions; importance; build an ark; 450 ft. long, 45 ft. high, 3 decks 34,000 sq.ft. each, 75 ft. wide; proofnoah could fit all animals on ark- 95% of 1 mil could survive off of ark
woman valued most in ________ cultures christian
after fall, god _____ to palliate awefulness of curse kill animal, makes covering, means atone, spiritual covering
all creation romes for redemption
god loves _______ and hates _______ jacob, esau
True/false 1.noah closes ark 2.flood is good event 1.false (god does) 2.false (kills babies, old, crippled
Seth's son; meaning of son's name; what is says about set enos; weak man; mature view of who man is before God
opposite of what god does at tower of babel called; disciples given ______and they ______ in own ________; all ______in their own language---------to ______________ Pentecost; Holy spirit, preach, language; understand; unite
Sarai is promised covenant son but cannot get pregnant so... validated by... Hagar, Egyptian maid servant, is given to Abram to have Sarai's baby...Nuzi tablets give us customs and practices
Hagar conceives immediately so Sarai feels... angry; knows she is problem
What does Sarai say to do with Hagar? tells abram to throw her out; abram tells her to do it; she treats hagar harshly and Hagar flees
Hagar is ____________ about concieving arrogant
Lord has _________ on Hagar so He... mercy; gives her a son named Ishmael
Ishmael: father of- God says he will be- Arab are- Arab ppl; wild man; wild ppl
When Abraham is 99, God appears to him and says... I am El Shadda (Almighty God); I will make covenant with you and multiply
If Jesus appears to you... lay face down
Abram means... changed to... means... great father; abraham; father of great nation OR father of many
Hebrew world, name changes are huge, big deal
sign of covenant with abraham is _______ on ____ day circumcision; 8th
Sarai's name changed to... means... Sarah; princess
Abraham and Sarah _______ about haveing kid at old age=... laugh; kid will be named Isaac (laughter) so everytime abraham and sarah call kids name, they will be rebuked
3 visitors: abraham _______ them; one visitor asks...; visitor tells Sarah...; this is a ___________ takes care of them, serves a goat fiest; where his wife sarah is (no one told him abraham had a wife); she will have a kid; theofany (Yahew is one visitor and possibly Jesus and Holy Spirit)
Yahew will destroy city of ________ b/c ppl are __________; Abraham ________; agreement that ___ righteous ppl save city; are or are no # of righteous ppl Sodom; argues; 10; not
_______ invites Yahew and Abraham to stay with him; Men in city tell Lot to _______; Lot gives __________ to men; men say _____; angel _______________ and _____________; Lot's son-in-laws and daughters ________; 2 ______________, ______, and ________ leav Lot; give visitors to them to have relations with; 2 virgin daughters; no, give us men; blinds crowd and tells ppl to leave; stay; virgin daughters, Lot, and wife but wife, turned into pillar of salt
Sodom begins to __________ sin; it becomes _________ accept; normal
man __________ good things that God provides perverts
Blessed to die __________ honorably
Lot's daughters have no ______; so they ____________ and have ___ _______; named _________, father of ____________ and _________, father of ____________: Israel's most kids; get dad drunk and have 2 boys; Ben Ami-Amonites, Moab-Moabites; hated enemies
Shemites bear ______ __________; geneology given b/c...; ages begin to ________; ______ line, but...; From what we know, Abraham was born in what yr? and flood in what yr? covenant promises; messiah comes through him; shrink; small, could have been gaps; 2166 BC; 2600 BC
OT scholars: def.=; reject 1. 2. 3.; say Ot was really 1.______ (______) 2. well studied scholars who hate God; 1.supernatural 2.miracles 3.Jesus is son of God; 1.etiology (legends) 2.foundational story of creation
Tower of Babel: to _________; God starts with __________; then _________; ppl dont ___________ each other; cannot _____________; ppl who ____ _______ ________ come together; ppl who _______ ____ ________ spread out =... disperse; one language; confuses languages; understand; communicate; speak same lang.; speak dif. lang.; God divides earth
Canaanites and Sethites 1. 2. 3. populate earth; come together; Yahew would be forgotten
Why is Shem so important? God will reveal his saving name through shem: jesus/messiah will come through shem
Noah's curses and blessings are NOT ________ even though racial; descendents of Ham are black
Noah is a _______ so he _________. preacher; warns ppl of flood
geneology of cain ch. 4; ungodly line; lamech; canaanites
Shem and japheth response ot drunken father respect; don't look at him and cover him up
serpant approaches ___ b/c _______ Eve; more apt to believe (emotional as opposed to rational)
Enoch death doesnt die but ascends into heaven
feminism liberalism
foreshadowing of noah's curse and blessing on sons canaanites in palestine- palestine is israelite's promise land- israelites conquer canaanites (conquest in joshue); gentiles will be part of new covenatn; can be save; all ppl can be chosen not just jews; spiritual promise
special interest: vs. 8-12= name... _________ of _________ vs. 25= name... means... on ____ when __________ nimrod; leader of Tower of Babel: Payleg; division; earth, earth divided
blessing on japheth will dwell in tents of shem
curse on ham servant of brothers
every human loves evil and wickedness 1. 2. lord is sorry he created man; lord decides to destroy man
God establishes a _______ with Noah: called... means... sign... covenant; noahic covenant; God wont destroy earth with flood ever again; rainbow
God ________ noah's sacrifice; Noahic covenant says: accepts; multiply, eat meat, if kill man you will be killed by man because killing image of God
Shem: father of shemites, israelites, jews
japheth and descendents went to southcentral asia and europe
who drwned ppl? why? How many ppl? God; they deserved it; 6 bil...a lot
1st gospel protevangelium- god gives it in middle of curse= ex. of his grace: seed of woman will crush satan and sin
woman priority and authority in Home
Shem and descendents went to mesopotamian and iranian regions (near east)
ham's reaction to drunken father: disrespect; tells brothers
what does flood say about god powerful, angry, just, grace
ham and descendents went to africa and canaan
mighty ppl and all are bad, every intent is evil
Babel means... etomologically (___________) means.. confusion; root, gate of God
1st thing noah does when he steps off boat sacrifice
seth means appointed
adam is ______ ____ of human race=man is ______ _____ of family:... federal head; federal head; accountable but not responsible for families sin
earth had one ________ and _________; want to build ______ ________; _______ God; dont need his _______ language, culture; huge tower (babel); reject; help
other records of bible times sumerian king list; ancient flood story, kings live for 100s/1000s of yrs (exagerated)
women in america bear... double curse; sometimes because they want luxury, s/t because man doesnt provide
Witcomb and Morris believe # of animals on ark is around 35,000; definitely no more than 50,000
Able: occupation- offering- acceptance- precident for- keeper of sheep; sheep; accepted; tithe, give god best
methuselah 969 yrs old; oldest man ever
Review: noahic covenant tells man to ________ and have _______ over earth: man says... This indicates... called... repopulate; dominion; no-will stay and build kingdom...dont need god; ppl are slow and resistant; antithesis to covenant
3 curses on adam, eve, satan adam-providing will be heard, earth will not produce easily; eve-pain in childbirth, dominated by man; satan-crawl on belly on ground and ultimately destroyed
yahew means covenental faithfullness-why he didn't destroy earth-3:15 promises to redeam so cant go back on word and destroy
sin and blame of adam and eve (4) emabarresed b/c naked; hide from god; adam blames eve; eve blames satan
adam eats fruit seems he is right there and should stop eve; abdocates his authoritative role
what saves noah? god's grace
Ham: father of: Canaanites
Proof that flood was universal: 1.depth of flood 2.durration of flood 3.size of ark (if local, only save local animals) 4.need for ark at all 5.peter says god will destroy world with firey judgement and compares it to the flood
It doesnt matter if you are a jew, you must be... God is _______ and can do... chosen by God; soverign; what he wants
Abraham goes to __________; ______________ ruled the Philistines in this place (the Philistines lived in ____ major cities) Gerar; Abimelech; 5
God comes to Abimelech in ______; tells him that he is ____________; Abimelech puts _________________ in servans and gives abraham _____________ to make him richer dream; dead man; fear of the Lord; livestock
Just b/c you are a christian does not mean that you will be __________; God _________ Abraham to make him this prosperous; blessed
Sarah becomes pregnant and births _________; _________ (Abraham's son through Hagar) becomes jealous b/c...; _________ makes fun of __________; Abraham ________ Ishmael; Abraham makes ______ and ________ leave to _________ because...; Ishmael becomes ____ Isaac; Ishmael, Isaac is now covenant son and displaces Ishmael; Ishmael, Isaac; loves; Ishmael and Hagar, desert, ishmael makes fun of Isaac; Archerer; gracious
Covenant at Beersheba well of the oath
God tells Abraham to sacrifice ________; Abraham does not know why but ________; ultimamte story of ________ in OT Isaac; obeys; faith
Abraham says this to servants-"we will come back to you"-shows what? confidence and faith in God
God will ______; Abraham calls God ______ ____ which means ???; Isaac was possibly in his ____ when sacrifice but he did not _______ and was a _____ ___________; He was a type of _____; The type was... (____ _____) provide; Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides; teens, resist, willing sacrifice; Christ; foreshadowing of a person or event (early protrayl)
What 5 ways is Isaac a type of Christ? 1.only son 2.willing to die to fulfill God's will 3.loved by the father 4.carried the instrument of death 5.he lives
Types of Christ and why Jona-in belly of whale for 3 days; passover lambs-male in its prime, w/o blemish, bones cant be broken; Noah-saved all of humanity
Sarah: died at age ______; _____ (_____)-field where she was buried 127; Ephron (Hittite)
Abraham seeks a wife for _______; finds _______; she __________ Abraham; Abraham remarries _________; child-_________ (____) Isaac; Rebekah; comforts; Keturah; Midian (ites)
least signig person in history is __________ b/c...; maybe b/c...; most famous b/c... Isaac; not drama of Jacob or faith of Abraham; was godly and faithful; son of abraham and father of jacob
1st event of great importance in isaac's life (after marriage)- rebecca gave birth to twins (jacob and esau)
Isaac pleads with lord for _______, and Lord _____ ______; Rebecca ___________ but great ________in womb= ____________________ rebecca b/c she was barren, grants plea; concieves, struggle=twins fighting
rebecca asks lord what is happening.... 2 nations in womb fighting for dominance; jacob is israelites; esau is edomites
Jacob: loved by-; describe-; comes out how-; what kind of man-; ________ favortism Rebecca; deciever, supplementer; holding esau's heel; domesticated; ungodly
Esaus: loved by-; means-; comes out-; what kind of man-; why isaac loves him- Isaac; hairy; red and hairy; humter, big, man's; can kill and cook good meat
Esau comes in from field: he is ________ and ________; Jacob is _________; Esau makes deal with Jacob...; Esau ______ birthright; birthright is what? weary, hungry; cooking; will relinquish birthright for soup; despised; physical inheritance
Esau doesn't execute ____________; does not __________ deal self-control; challenge
Isaac and Abimalech get in same situations as fathers... and God establishes isaac as man of ____ ___________ Isaac tells reb. to pretend to be sister; Abimalech's son rules gerar; great blessing
Isaac is old and cannot see: tells Esau to... and he will get...; Reb tells Jacob to... and she will...; Jacob is _______ but obeys go kill animal and cook stew and feed isaac, will get patriarchal (fatherly) blessings; tells jacob to go kill goat, will prepare i like esau; scared
Problem- jacob is not _______ and if discovered will possibly be _________; so... hairy, cursed; reb. puts esau's clothes on jacob (smell), and skins of a goat on his skin (feel)
Isaac asks how...; jacob replies... it was done so fast; god brought animal to me
issac is old but other senses are not heightened yet; however, he still realizes... jacob's voice but esau's hands and smell
Isaac blesses Jacob... multiply, bless, all that bless you are blessed and that curse you are cursed, will have abundance of grain and wine, earth will yield to you
Patriarchal blessing cannot be _________; Esau ________ but want ___________; he ________ b/c... revoked; understands, blessing; crys out, everything is taken from him
Jacob and reb. are __________ rotten ppl and decievers
Esau ____ jacob and plans to 1. 2. after fathers death; reb hears and so she... hates; 1.mourns for father's death 2.kill jacob; sends jacob away to find wife
Jacob looks for wife in _____; has a dream of a _____ with angels going ___ and ______ it; encounter with _____, he is ________; promises of dream are _______; promises are... Heron; ladder, up and down; God, awestruck; encouraging; Jacob will recieve covenant promises of Abraham
Jacob finds _______ of ________ (________) and finds ______ (_______); Laban invites Jacob to...; ___ yrs of work=______; big b/c... family, Leban (uncle), Rachel (cousin); work with him indefinately; 7, Rachel for wife; jacob would get inheritance b/c Leban had no sons at pt. and would adopt jacob if marries daughter
Wedding date set- _ ___ ______; after... 7 day feast; veiled bride is brought out, jacob takes her into tent and consecrates marriage
Jacob wakes up... Laban did this b/c realizes it is Leah (sis); oldest should be married first
IRONY: deciever is decieved
Laban works ___ more yrs. for ________ 7; Rachel
Leah is ________ so Lord... unloved, opens womb and rachel is barren
Leban gives dowry to rachel... and to leah... bilhah, hand maiden; zilpah, hand maiden
after lord opens leah's womb, immediately has __ ________ (names) 4 sons; rueben, simeon, levi, judah
leah gives jacob to ____ and has...rachel gives jacob to ____ and has... zilpah-gad, asher; bilhah-dan, naphtali
lord then opens rachel's womb and has... joseph, benjamin
reuben finds ________ ______ (...); gives them to ________; she has... mandrak plants (help get pregnant); Leah; issachaar, zebulon
after ___ yrs, Jacob decides to... 14, go back to canaan
leban feels that the reason everything is good (...) is _______; so he says... (harvest), Jacob; what do you want
jacob says he wants... leban tells sons to... IRONY spotted animals; take spotted animals on 3 day journey; deciever is decieved (no animals for jacob)
Jacob comes up with plan... take tree libs and make them spotted; turn them into speckled rods; put rods in fron of heifers while they mate; baby cows will be spotted; works
now jacob uses pole when... big bulls mate so leban has weak livestock and jacob has strong
when god choses to bless you, he gives in _________ not in _______ ___ abundance, miserly way
jacob wants to ______ now; wives ______ decision; so he takes ______ to ______ ______- ___ day journey; then takes _______ and ________ and leaves leave; support; sheep, sheep shear, 3; wives, flocks
leban ______ jacob and says he could have ________ jacob; mad b/c...1. 2. chases, blessed; jacob left w/o telling him and someone stole teraphine
teraphine signifies...; jacob says if leban finds it then...; _______ had it but they did not find it b/c... owner of property and birthright; he will execute person who stole it; rachel, she was sitting on camel sattle with teraphine uner it; doesn't get up b/c girl things
jacob must go home and face bro after ___ yrs.; ________ is still alive; jacob plots for safe encounter...; sends ______; ______ and _________ with God...; wrestles all night with _____ 20; isaac; sends spys out to see how many ppl-400 men; gifts-heifers, goats to try to soften; prays, argues, to remember promises and be faithful and righteous; a Man
Man changes jacobs name to ________ (________); Man names the place __________ b/c Jaob saw...there Israel (prince of God); Peniel, God face to face
possibly a ________ b/c Man shows power by...; but jacob is _______ and _________; his whole life is a ________ and _______ theophany, touching jacob's him and pulling it out of socket; relentless and determined; struggle and fight
Jacob's name change is good b/c he needs... confidence that god will protect and bless him
esau _______ jacob and displays great _____ and ___________ but god still... forgives, compassion, kindness, loves jacob and hates esau
____ invites _______ to live with him in his homeland; jacob says he will follow but... esau, jacob; esau goes east, jacob goes west
god will always be ______; we will always be _________; god is not ________ infinite; finite; like us
jacob goes into shelem (canaan); _______ son is Shechem who likes the way ______ moves; shechem _____ and ________ her; he lacks __________________ hamor's, danah, assaults, rapes, self-control
Hamor ____ _________ b/c he wants _____ to stay; Jaob wants to negotiate b/c he does not want ________; Dinah's bros (________ and _______) don't want...; say we will allow it this one if... negotiates marriage, jacob; enemies; simeon, levi, sis marrying uncircumcised; all males are circumcised
day ___ is worst pain; simeon and levi go to ____ _________ and...; then to ______ and...; etc. 3; shechem's house; kill all fighting age male; next house and kill all fighting age male
jacob says...; now we must ______; bros say...; it was _______ b/c... why did you do this; leave; should we allow men to rape sis; sinful, should not kill ALL men-overreaction
they leave community and go through _____ where God ______________; Rachel dies giving birth to __________ in ____________; get back to __________ and ________ still lives; when esau and jacob are there, ________ dies; they bury him and esau ________ jaco bethel, blesses him; benjamin, ephroth; hebron, isaac; issac; ignores
joseph is ____ yrs. old and _________ fav. son and..; gave him... 17, jacob's, clearly shows it; coat of many pieces/colors
brohters _______ joseph; he has ____ and tells _____ about them; they are...; father ______ but _______; he is thinking... hate; dreams, bros; i am superior to you'll and my family will bow down to me; rebukes him, it affects him; joseph is future covenant and god will use him
soveriegnty of god is amazing: old bros go to _________ _____ in _________ but not enough... so...; joseph goes out looking for them and finds...; amazing _______ pasture flock, dothan, pasture land, go somewhere else; stranger who overheard and knew that bros went to dothan; conicidence
bros see joseph coming and call him ________; plan to _____ him- (we know they are willing to kill b/c...); ____ is oldest and talks them out of _________; his plan is they can... and then he will go back and...; after, they... dreamer; kill (simeon and levi); rueben killing joseph; throw him in pit, and rueben will come back and rescue joseph; throw him in pit, they sit to eat meal
rebecca was going to... come back for joseph
bros threw joseph into _________, then...; saw ___________ and _______ josheph for...; rueben did not know...; brothers take josephs ____________, cover it in ____________, and show it to ____________; jacob is ____________ pit, ate lunch; midianites, sold, 20 sheckels of silver; they sold joseph; coat, goat blood, father; inconsolable
Joseph had to go to egypt in order to...; this was to insure...b/c israel is living amongst _________; god's ppl enoveloped in a _________ __________, ex...., ex.... save insrael; the covenant race continued and would uphold god's laws, canaanites; wicked culture, canaanites believe crops grow b/c gods were having lots of sex which brought forth rain, sun, etc., when there was no rain they had orgies in the temple to
how did the israelites stay pure in sinful canaan? god says be holy as I AM holy-love only one wife
said have only one wife b/c... canaanites worshipped through orgies and prostitution, it was not seen as wrong in their culture; so israelites were intermarrying with the canaanites-BAD!!!
Incubation Period in Egypt-... to save the covenant ppl god had to get them away from canaans immorality
at this time, more ______ than ____ b/c of _____; all are affected by ___ _______, ex. Rueben sleeps with __________ (_______ _______) women, men, war; canaans culture, bilhah (jacobs concubine)
Judah marries a _________ women, has ___ _____; oldest is ________ who marries ________ a __________; other 2 r ______ and _________ canaanite, 3 sons; Er, Tamar, Canaanite; onan, shelah
lord killed Er b/c... he was wicked
levirate custom-... if a man dies and leaves a wife behind, the bro must give her an heir and rais it in the deceased name- children get the inheritance and take care of mother
onan did not want to...; he is _______; made it so he did not get sis __________; god _____ him give his bro an heir; selfish; pregnant; kills
judah told tamar to...; then decides not to...; tamar wants a _____ and _____ and needs... wait for his youngest son shelah; give shelah to tamar; husband and kids, to be taken care of
tamar dresses up like a _______ by... harlot, covering her face with a veil
judah gave tamar a _____ _____ (_____ ______), and _____ and ______ as a plede of ________; tamar _____ by him signet ring (personal signiture), cord, staff, payment; concieved
when judah sends the payment (_ ______) with a servant, the servant...; judah hears she is _______ and gets _______; wants to ____ her, dishonered his _____ __________ a goat, cannot find tamar, pregnant, angry, burn, son's name
tamar brings forth judah's _____ and ______ to show he is _______; according to law, tamar has...; she has _____ named _____ and ______; _______ is anscestor of _____; ex. of how god... ring and staff, father; cheated on shelah and husband; twins, perez, zerah; perez, jesus, uses the most unlikely ppl
joseph is sold to _______ (...) he recognizes that joseph has...; gives joseph... potipher (highest ranking soldier in pharoah's aremy); talent and ability; full control over his house
potipher's wife trys...; so joseph... b/c... and he recognizes... seduce joseph; runs away, it is the right thing to do, he would be sinning against god
sin in not ________ it is _________; we think about _________ not about ______ _____; we should have a _____________ view of _______ self centered, god centered; consequences, breaking law; god centered, reality
joseph is... b/c potipher's wife says... she has proof of...; potipher was kind to do this instead of...; potipher probably knew... thrown in jail, he raped her, his coat; executing him; his wife was lying
joseph is in jail and encounters 2 men, ________ and __________; they are sad b/c...; so joseph __________; dreams mean...; joseph tells butler to...; 3rd day what happens butler, baker; dreams but no interpreter; interprets; butler will be restored, baker will die w/i 3 days; remember him; pharoahs birthday and butler is restore, hanges baker; butler forgets joseph but remembers him 2 yrs. later
pharoah's dreams (2); interpretation; what is he to do about it; what does he give joseph 7 fat heifers and 7 small heifers eat them; 7 healthy ears of corn and 7 empty ears of corn eat them; 7 yrs. of properity and 7 yrs. of famine; save 1/5 of yearly produce and set someone wise over egypt; signet ring-rule over all egypt and word is law
joseph marries ________ who is...; she has 2 sons _________ and _________ which mean what; what does these names signify asenath, daughter of chief priest of On; ephraim (fruitful), Manassah (forgetful); can now be fruitful b/c has forgotten all troubles
yrs. of famine come: shows pharoahs wisdom in...; jacob sends...; bros don't recognize ______ b/c... choosing joseph; sons to egypt to find grains; joseph, now 30 not 17, dressed in royal egyptian clothes, sold him as slave, not ruler/head of egypt, speaks dif. language
_______ son of ________ is ________ and possibly jacob's new _______ so does not go with bros benjamin, rachel, youngest, favorite
joseph ______ at bros and treats them _____ and...; tells them to bring back... which was a test for _______ b/c yells, harshly, throws them into jail; youngest brother and can leave jail; jacob, fav. son
joseph keeps _____ until they get back with Ben; joseph gives them back ____ that they used to ___ ______; scared them b/c...; when bros tell jacob the deal, he says... simeon; money, buy grain; they thought they did not pay; NO, they can keep simeon but cannot have ben
grains run out so jacob must make a choice, _________________; joseph invites bros to dinner: askds them about father and bro, then he yearns for his _______, _______ and ________, then ______________; he sits brothers in order of _________; gives ______ send ben or starve, he sends ben; youngest bro, weaps, cries, pulls it together; birth; ben, 5, times, food
joseph again hides ________ in bros bags and also hides _________________ in ben's bag so that they will have to ________ him; Brothers feel...; they beg for _______ money, silver dining cup, execute; guilt for what they did to joseph and not benjamin; mercy
joseph reveals himself to bros and asks if dad is still alive... they cant answer b/c they dont know what to say
He tells bros he had to go to egypt to.. preserve life (famine), preserve covenant race (canaanites immorality-seperate canaan from israel)
sends brothers back with _____ for _________ and tells them to come ______ in ________; Jacob at 1st...; but then is _______ and returns to ______ to live in the land of ________; jacob is presented to ______ and blesses him b/c...; then jacob lives in gr gifts, jacob, live, egypt; does not believe them; convinced, egypt, Goshen; pharoah, does not understand pharoahs authority; peace; decieved, joseph was not really killed
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