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Pentateuch (Feb 27)

Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers

Which part of the plague narrative gives instructions? Passover
Exodus Themes building for Pharaoh to building for God; serving Pharaoh to serving God; God from transcendent to immanent
"elef" for thousand can mean literally thousand; some say "family"
first person filled with God's spirit? Bezalel
Date of book of Leviticus 1450 BC
Date of book of Numbers 1450 BC
chiasm structure where the writer connects parallel ideas on either side of a central point
5 main sacrifices in Leviticus Burnt; Meal; Peace; Sin; Trespass
Does unclean mean unhygienic? no
difference between priests and Levites priests carry out ceremonial duties and are sons of Aaron; Levites move and set up the tabernacle, and are sons of Levi.
Decalogue another name for the 10 commandments
What is the function of the book of Numbers? to show how one generation passed away and the next would inherit the promised land
3 types of structure to book of Numbers from Dillard and Longman Chronological; Topographical; Topical
Critical Scholars say Leviticus is from which source? "P" or priestly source and even an "H"
Critical Scholars say Numbers is from which source? P
book with the Greatest Variety of types of literature in the Bible Numbers (14 types)
In the Pentateuch what often happens immediately following Israel's disobedience? They are given more laws
This leader rebelled against Moses and was struck with leprosy Miriam
Who survived the wilderness wanderings and entered the promised land? Caleb and Joshua
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