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Millennium Bio P5

Mr Swanson's test words based on the Millennium Biography video

Suley man the magnificent ruled 1/2 the ottoman empire Islamic arts and sciences
Vasco de Gama Find route to the riches of asia sailed around the cape if good hope linked 2 cultures
Dr. Jonas Sulk Found vaccine for polio
Florence Nightengale reduced mortality rate to 2% Name is a metaphor Lady with a lamp
Louis Daguerre Photography easy way to take photographs
Susan B Anthony 1872 Voted Women's suffrage
J Robbert oppenheimer atomic bomb father of the atomic bomb
Rachel Carson pesticides past legislation to restrict pesticides
Gugleimo Marconi black boxes radios sent messages through wire
Elisabeth I queen of england one of the first personalities
Joseph Stalin dictator premier of soviet union
Isabella I Shaped modern spain inquisition united spain christopher columbus
Gregory Pincus Father of Birth control curved world population
Simon boleviar "liberator" freed south america from the spanish families then ruled with an iron fist
William Harvey circulation circulatory system
Benjamin Franklin America's renaisance ma Scientist author constitution
Pablo picasso painter artist changed rules of art weird but brilliant
WAlt DisNeY animation studio Mickey MousE
Franklin Roosvelt polio at age 39 elected 4 times new deal, new jobs WWII
Joan of Arc Patron saint of Rome symbolyzed faith and freedom
Elvis Presley King of Rock and Roll Brought Rock and Roll into modern
Elizabeth CAdy Stanton first women's rights convention joined Susan B Anthony
Ferdinand Magellind Pacific Ocean 1st journey around the earth
Marco Pollo china- worked with Kubla Khan the travels of Marco POllo 1st map of asia
Marie Curie radiation radioactivity raduim
Edward Jenner Small Pox vaccine
Margret sanger nurse in NY misery of unwanted pregnancies Birth control pill planned parenthood
Mary wolstonecraft original feminist invindication of the rights of women
charles babbage 1846 computer
Niccolo macheaveli to stay in the throne you need to use any means necessary wrote , THE PRICNCE
Alexander graham bell telephone in 1876
Mao zedong china leader in communist revolotion
GREGor mendEL heredity
Wright Brothers flying machine kitty hawk
Francess Bacon Father of the scientific method
Alexander flemming penicillin
vladmir lennin organized opposition to the czar
jean jacques rouseau born good then become corrupted social contract
DR Martin Luther King JR Black rights
Watson and Crick DNA model
Henry Ford Model T assembly line
James Watt water+heat= steam industrial revolution steam engine
Abraham Licoln union president abolished slavery
Genghis Khan politics and war conquer enemies 1/2 of the own world
George Washington 1st president created america
Adam smith 1776 wealth of nations laissez faire
michelangelo bupnarratti devine light of renaissance
John Locke foundation of constitutional democracy GOVT system based on human rights life liberty and the pursuit of happieness
Mahatma Gandhi peacful protest wanted to be free from britain
Adolf hitler genocide holocaust
Thomas jefferson architect declaration of independence
Thomas edison light bulb
Louis pasteur yeast in wine and beer rabies vaccination
sigmund freud change the way we think about ourselves ego
Gallileo Gallilei science of astronomy Bible tells you how to get to heaven not how the heavens go
nicolous copernicus dreamed heliocentric theory
Albert einstein father of the nuclear age e=mc2 gravity and laws of motion
Karl Marx father of communism
Christopher columbus discovered the new world
Charles Darwin theory of evoloution
Martin Luther 95 theses 30 years war
Issac newton gravity
Johan Gutenberg printing press 20 bibles 20,000 books printed literate middle class perfected printing press printed in the vernacular mass production of books