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Interwar Period

What event is the starting point of the Great Depression in the U.S.? Stock Market Crash of 1929
What are some causes of the global economic depression of the 1930's? German reparations; Dominance of U.S. in global production; High tariffs/taxes; Excessive use of credit; Stock Market Crash of 1929
What are some impacts of the global economic depression? High unemployment; Bank failures and collapse of credit; World trade declined and prices fall; Nazi Party emergence in Germany
Who did the Nazi Party blame for the economic situation of Europeans? European Jews
What leader came to power in the U.S.S.R. during the interwar period? Joseph Stalin
What are some of Joseph Stalin's impacts on the Soviet Union? Entrenched communism; Five Year Plan; Collectivization of farms; State industrialization; Secret police; Great Purge
Who was the leader that came to power in Germany during the interwar period? Adolf Hitler
What is anti-Semitism? Hatred of Jews
Describe the economic situation of Germany at the time Hitler came to power? Germany was broke from reparations; Inflation of prices; Economy weak [high unemployment, no production of goods]
Why did Hitler occupy nearby countries in Europe? Wanted to unite all German speaking people into one country
What are some reasons Hitler was able to gain political power in Germany? Weak democratic government; Extreme nationalism; National Socialism [Nazism]
Who is the leader of Italy that came to power during the interwar period? Benito Mussolini
What is the political system that developed in Italy? Fascism
What did Mussolini tell the people he wanted to do for their country? Restore the glory of Rome
What African country did Mussolini invade? Ethiopia
Who was the Emperor of Japan during the interwar period? Hirohito
Who was the power general of Japan during the interwar period? Tojo
Who had the real power in Japan during the interwar period? General Tojo
Describe Japan's industrialization. What is a result of that situation? Japan was highly industrialized resulting in the need for more raw materials
Where did Japan invade to acquire natural resources? Korea; Manchuria; the rest of China
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