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Religions in Asia

SS7G12b Shintoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, and Islam

created to separate its followers from the rest of the world Shintoism
worships 1000s of gods with 3 main gods Hinduism
The Five Relationship Bonds Confucianism
mostly practiced in India Hinduism
Eightfold Path or The Middle Way Buddhism
has a goal of reaching a complete state of “nirvana” Buddhism
believes to be close to nature is to be close to the gods (kami). Shintoism
there is no sacred text or holy book, there is a respected text that includes a lot of government records and history Confucianism
This religion was founded in India, but is not practiced in India Buddhism
Believes in reincarnation and karma (2 religions) Hinduism and Buddhism
Founded in China Confucianism
founded in Japan Shintoism
The holy book is the Quran Islam
The Five Pillars, which are the basic beliefs Islam
The Golden Rule of Behavior Confucianism
teachings that are more about ethics and behavior than about religious idea Confucianism
origami is associated with this Shintoism
Tripitaka Buddhism
no rules of moral living and no concepts of a single living God Shintoism
Mecca, the birthplace of Muhammad; Medina, where he died; and Jerusalem, where the dome of the Rock mosque is located are very important Islam
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