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V Russian Rev

Russian Rev Review

Calendar that Russia used till 1917 Julian
Filmmaker who produced "Battleship Potemkin" Eisenstein
Leader of the Bolshevik Revolution and 1st Soviet State Lenin
Term for organized massacres against Jewish villages in Russia Pogroms
Event which triggered Russian Revolution of 1905 Bloody Sunday
Term for a Russian Parliament set up after Revolution of 1905 Duma
Siberian Lake; Deepest Lake Baikal
German Kaiser; exchanged letters with Czar prior to WWI Wilhelm II
The hanging noose "necktie" Stolypin
it stretched from the Black Sea to Vladivostok Trans-Siberian Railroad
Leader of the Red Army during Bolshevik Revolution Trotsky
Instituted the Great Purge during the 1930s Stalin
American President won the Nobel Peace Prize Teddy Roosevelt
Wealthy Russian peasants targeted by Stalin Kulaks
Large farms established by Stalin Collectives
Term for Secret Police Checka
Blood disorder suffered by son of Nicholas II Hemophilia
Priest who led "Bloody Sunday" parade to St. Petersburg Gapon
Czar when crimean war began; left Russian in a poor state Nicholas I
Son of Nicholas II who had a blood disorder Alexei
Czar assassinated when his carriage was bombed Alexander II
Term for Russian communist Bolshevik
Alliance of Russia, Great Britain, and France prior to WWI Triple Entente
Prime Minister who headed Russian Provisional Gov't Kerensky
Wife of Nicholas II murdered in 1918 Alexandra
Mad Monk assassinated in 1916 Rasputin
Last Romanov Czar of Russia murdered in 1918 Nicholas II
Treaty that ended the Russo-Japanese War of 1905 Portsmouth
Treaty ending Russian involvement in WWI Brest-Litovsk
Term for Siberian Labor Camps Gulags
Term for local elected assemblies in the Russian government Zemstvos
Term for councils of worker, soldiers or peasants called Soviets
Agreement between Hitler and Stalin to divide Poland Nazi-Soviet Pact
Russian Revolt in 1825 after the death of Alexander I Decembrist
Rasputin was drowned in this river Neva
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