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Van Presto

Chapter 17 Section 3

Hongwu First emperor of the Ming dynasty in China; he drove the Mongols out of China, Korea, and Manchuria. He concentrated all power in his own hands.
Yonglo Third emperor of the Ming dynasty in China; he ordered the reconstruction of Beijing and made it the new capital of China. He also commissioned an encyclopedia that covered history, philosophy, literature, astronomy, medicine, and numerous other topics.
Zheng He Admiral, diplomat, and explorer during China’s Ming dynasty; his Chinese fleet visited more than 30 countries.
Matteo Ricci Italian missionary; he traveled to China in 1583. He learned the language and adopted many Chinese customs, which gained him entry to the Ming court. He introduced China to European learning in mathematics, science, and technology.
Kangxi Chinese emperor of the Qing dynasty from 1661 to 1722; his reign was one of relative internal peace. He constructed many public works and was a patron of the arts.
Qianlong Emperor of the Qing dynasty from 1735 to 1796; he was the grandson of Kangxi. During his reign, China expanded to its greatest size.
Lord George Macartney British diplomat; he visited China in 1793 to discuss expanding trade. He was sent away after his goods were found to be inferior and he refused to kowtow to the emperor.
Created by: ladymacbeth1027