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Medical Event Report


The Medical Event Reports replaced which Report? Disease Alert
What will be submitted for specific medical events that include selected communicable diseases, injuries, and outbreaks? MER's
Medical event disease surveillance is particulary important in military populations where medical events can have what type of effects? Mission-degrading
A successful communicable disease and injury control program depends on what of suspected or confirmed cases? Early notification
Seemingly unrelated cases of disease and injury occuring on different ships or stations my be medically significant when viewed on what basis? Regional
Who shall maintain an effective command medical event surveillance program? Commanding Officers
Commanding Officers shall submit what type of naval message when a medical event my attract high level Navy interest or affect operational readiness? OPREP-3 Navy Blue
When a reportable medical event is suspected or confirmed, unit senior medical department representatives shall submit MER's using what system? Naval Disease Reporting System (NDRS)
Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) reporting is not performed using MER. HIV infectons should be reported to whom and to appropriated state authorities? BUMED
Who shall perform global medical event surveillance and monitoring of reportable medical events? Commanding Officer, NAVENVIRHLTHCEN
Commanding Officer, NAVENVIRHLTHCEN shall validate, on what basis, a sample of MER's as directed by NAVENVIRHLTHCEN? Annually
What must be submitted by the medical department of the command with primary responsibility for the health of the affected individual? MER
What software program is the preferrred method of reporting? NDRS
Reports are submitted electronically via the internet or by mailing a what to the cognizant NAVENPVNTMEDU? 3.5" diskette
NAVENPVNTMEDU's must keep all MER's on file for how many years? five
In situations when timeliness is critical, what method of reporting with follow on correspondence to the cognizant NAVENTMEDU is acceptable? Direct telephone or E-Mail
Who is the primary action addressee on MER's? Cognizant NAVENPVNTMEDU
If an operational unit must send an urgent MER by message, it should be sent as what classification? Unclassified
All message MER's must be identified by what report control symbol in the subject line? MED 6220-3
Most reportable medical events are routine, and must be submitted no later than the what day of each month to the cognizant NAVENPVNTMEDU? 1st
NAVENPVNTMEDUs will submit routine reports to NAVENVIRHLTHCEN no later than what day of each month? 15th
NAVENPVNTMEDUs will submit urgent reports to NAVENVIRHLTHCEN no later than how many hours after receipt? 24
What is defined as a communicable condition with a suspected common source, or which occures in one or more clusters among personnel in a particular location. example berthings or day care. A reportable outbreak
A suspected outbreak occurring among military personnel is considered and urgent reportable medical event and must be reported within ____ to NAVENPVNTMEDU? 24 hours
After local confirmation of Maleria and in the absence of confirmation capability, forward what to the nearest NAVENPVNTMEDU for confirmation following local interpretation? Smears
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