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Unit Four Flashcards

Europeans wanted to find a way to riches without having to pay taxes to Ottoman Turks. What was this to them? Motivation
What does demographic mean? Population
Transfer of diseases, people, plants, and animals was part of what? Colombian Exchange
New World Americas
Old World Afro-Eurasisa
Only large beast of burden in the Americas was the...? Llama
Despite trade slave African population does what? Increases
Spanish Labor System put in place in the Americas ... Encomienda
Slaves went to Latin America for mostly what? Sugar Plantation
Jesuits Religious boys/men
China becomes..? Isolated
Globalization Columbus
Songhai-Meli Africa, furthest West
Mughal-India Furthest East
Safavids-Iran, Inner Second Furthest East, Inner
Ottoman-Turkey, Inner Second Furthest West, Inner
Diaspora Mass move of people
11 Million People Moved Atlantic Slave Trade
Anitquity Rome and Greece
Secularism Worldly, Not religious
Humanism Human is the most important thing
Rennaisance Rebirth Of Antiquity, Greece & Rome
Great Dying? Death of Natives
Mortality rate during great dying? 90 percent among Native American pop.
Nearly vanished where? Caribbean
Great Dying created? Labor shortage
Used African slaves because? Natives often escaped
Akbar Tolerant, let others keep faith, removed special tax
Aurangzeb (A-wrong-zeb) Forbade Hindu practice of sati, banned music, dance, gambling, drinking, prostitution, and narcotics, destroyed Hindu temples, reinstated special tax
Sunni Anybody could rule, Ottoman Empire
Shia (Shiites) Shia-Aint-Kin, Only kin could rule,
Daimyos (Dime-Yos) Rich families
Japan saw Europeans as? A threat
Thirty Years War was over what? Religion, Protestant(Hugenots) & Catholic faught
Sikhism is a blend of what two religions? Muslim & Hindu Faiths
Sikhism was? Monothestic
Copernicus Heliocentric
Galileo Heliocentric, Forced to recant
Descartes The only thing I know is real, is me
Newton Gravity
Enlightenment Sci. Rev. applied to society
Witch Hunts Europe! Catholic vs. Protestant
Less conflict leads to? Less witch hunts
Thirty Years War is the ___ up to date deadliest & most destructive war
France got tons of HRE land when? Thirty Years War
What ends Thirty Years War? Peace of Westphalia
Thirty Years War ended what? HRE
How does divine right end? Oliver Cromwell's death pushed Parliament to chose the monarchs
Hundred Years' War was between who? France & England
Who won the Hundred Years' War? FRANCE
What was the Hundred Years' War over? England trying to claim territory in France
Why did the Native Americans die? they had no immunity to Old World diseases
Renaissance is the ending of what? the dark ages
Spanish converted Filipinos to? Christianity
Created by: dana.hatfield