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What languages were blended together to form the Swahili language? Bantu and Arabian
What was the most powerful coastal city-state? Kilwa
What port did Kilwa seize control of in the late 1200's? Sofala
How did the African coastal cities become wealthy? By controlling incoming and outgoing trade
What group of Europeans arrived at the African coastal cities in 1488? Portuguese
Who was the Great Zimbabwe established by? The Shona people in Southeastern Africa.
What is the Shona meaning of Zimbabwe? "stone houses"
Why was Great Zimbabwe's location good? The land was good for farming, cattle and it was the new important trade route linking gold fields with the coastal trading city Sofala.
How was Great Zimbabwe built? Through gold trade.
Since no one knows why the Great Zimbabwe was abandoned, how do we know what happened? From impressive ruins.
Who was Mutota? He was the man who left Great Zimbabwe to create his own empire.
Who was Mutota's son and what area did he take over? Matope. He claimed the area along the Zambezi River to the Indian Ocean.
What precious resource did the Mutapa Empire mine and what did they use it for. Gold. They traded it for luxuries.
What happened when the Portuguese invaded? They failed to conquer the Mutapa Empire, but the did help to replace its leader.
What is the importance of the word mwene mutapa? It means "conqueror" or "master pillager." It was how the Mutapa Empire got its name.
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