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adverse drug reaction (ADR) an unexpected negative consequence from taking a particular drug
allergy a hypersensitivity to a specific substance, manifested in a physiological disorder
auxiliary label a supplementary label added to a medication container at the discretion of the pharmacist that provides additional directions
brand name medically necessary a designation on the prescription by the physician indicating that a generic substitution by the pharmacist is not allowed; commonly seen on prescriptions for thyroid medication; often abbreviated as "brand necessary"
DEA number an identification number assigned by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to identify someone authorized to handle or prescribe controlled substances within the United States
dispense as written (DAW) a notation identical to “brand name medically necessary”; indicates on a prescription that a brand name drug is necessary or that a generic substitution is not allowed; DAW2 is often used to indicate patient preference for a brand name drug
drug seeker one who requests early refills on medications or gets prescriptions from multiple physicians or multiple pharmacies for controlled substances in order to obtain more than the normally prescribed amount of medication
drug utilization review (DUR) a procedure built into pharmacy software designed to help pharmacists check for potential medication errors in dosage, drug interactions, allergies, and so on
e-prescription prescriptions that are transmitted via electronic means
inscription the part of the prescription listing the medication or medications prescribed, including the drug names, strengths, and amounts
medication container label a label containing the dosage directions from the prescriber, affixed to the container of the dispensed medication; the pharmacy technician may use this hard copy to select the correct stock drug bottle and to fill the prescription
medication information sheet a leaflet printed from the prescription software and provided to patients on each medication dispensed; the technician may use this copy to select the correct stock drug bottle and fill the prescription
NPI number a unique National Provider Identifier for any healthcare provider involved in writing prescriptions or billing insurance for any healthcare-related service
out of stock (OOS) a medication not in stock in the pharmacy; a drug that must be specially ordered from a drug wholesaler
partial fill a supply dispensed to hold the patient until a new supply is received from the wholesaler; this practice is due to an insufficient inventory in the pharmacy, which prevents completely filling the prescription
patient profile a record kept by the pharmacy that lists a patient's identifying information, insurance information, medical and prescription history, and prescription preferences
prescription an order written by a qualified, licensed practitioner for a medication to be filled by a pharmacist in order to treat a patient's medical condition
prior authorization (PA) approval for coverage of a high-cost medication or a medication not on the insurer's approved formulary.
refill an approval by the prescriber to dispense the prescribed medication again without the need for a new prescription order
signa ("sig") the part of the prescription that indicates the directions for the patient to follow when taking the medication
subscription the part of the prescription that lists instructions to the pharmacist about dispensing the medication
tablet splitter a device used to manually split or score tablets
tamper-resistant prescription pad (TRPP) a paper pad that is specifically designed to prevent copying, erasure, or alteration
unit dose a dosage unit that is individually labeled and packaged by the manufacturer in sealed foil and considered tamper-proof
unit of use a fixed number of dose units in a stock drug container, usually consisting of a month's supply of tablets or capsules, or 30 tablets or capsules
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