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Social Studies

India has the ____ population in the world. second largest
India was controlled by whom from the 1700's until the mid-1900's? The Bristish
The original goal of the Indian National Congress was to ____________? gain more rights and opportunities for Indians
Mohandas Gandhi used ___ ___ and ___ ___ to help India gain independence. non-violent protesting / civil disobedience
Name the British company that once controlled large parts of India. The East India Company
In 1947, Great Britain agreed to ___ India into India and Pakistan. partition
The major religion of India is ____? Hinduism
The Republic of India allows ____ to ____ for their leaders. citizens / vote
Indian society was organized into a _____ _____ until it was made illegal. caste system
Producing those goods a country can make most easily so they can trade them for goods made by others that cannot be produced locally is called ___ _____. economic specialization
The belief that social class is hereditary is called ____ ____. caste system
What is it called when two countries rely on each other for goods & services? Interdependence
What is the best description of India's economy? mixed economy
India's developing new modern and improved agriculture is called? The Green Revolution
What is Vedas? Name of the Hindu sacred text (Bible)
What is the cause of Tsunamis? under water earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
Floods along this river often cause great suffering and is sometimes called China's sorrow. Huang He
Where do most Muslims live in Africa? Northern & Eastern Africa
Pollution, over-crowding, and conflict with Pakistan are all challenges faced by ____________. India
The INC, Gandhi, and nationalism all contributed to __. India's independence
The belief that a soul returns to life in another form/body after it dies is called _____________________. Re-incarnation
To limit the amount of goods imported is called _______________. quota
To stop trading with another country due political conflict is ____________. embargo
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