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Chapter 15 Section 1

What was the Maghrib? Part of North Africa, that is today the Mediterranean Coast.
What 3 things do the Almoravids and Almohads have in common? United the Maghrib under Muslim rule, kept Marrakech as their capital, and conquered land in Spain.
What is a Berber? The original inhabitants of North Africa. They were mountain and desert dwellers.
Why was Islam important in North Africa? Many people in North Africa converted to Islam
Many African rulers converted to Islam. Why was their government based on Islamic Law? Islamic Law said that God's law is superior to any other human law.
What is an advantage to the age set- system? Young people were able to form close ties with individuals from other lineages.
What is a lineage? A group of people who believe they descended from a common ancestor.
What are two ways African societies traced back information? Through patrilineal and matrilineal socities
Who held the positions of authority on a matrilineal society? Men and boys, females were not leaders in these authorities.
How was power balanced in a stateless society? Power was evenly divided between lineages so no family had too much power.
What is one civilization that is a hunter gatherer society? The Efe.
Who serves as the leader of the group? A respected older male. A respected older male.
What is one thing that someone can do if an argument isn't settled by a long discussion? The group members are free to come and go and they can decide to move to a different hunting band.
Since Hunting-Gathering societies are somewhat nomadic, what do they do? They collect very few possessions and move to new camps as they use up the resources around them.
What are hunting-gathering societies like? They speak their own languages and use their own hunting techniques. The men and older boys are the hunters and the women are the gatherers.
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